Our Fellows


Geary Adjunct Fellows and Visiting Staff


Mary Aiken    
Jeremy Bray The University of Greensboro North Carolina  
Michael Daly University of Stirling  
Liam Delaney London School of Economics
Rhona Dempsey Quality and Qualifications Ireland
Negin Fouladi University of Maryland
Sarah Gibney Department of Health
Stephen Kinsella University of Limerick
Muiris MacCarthaigh Queens University Belfast  
Martin Maguire Dundalk IT  
John Martin Retired – Director of Employment, Labour & Social Affairs, OECD  
Brian Nolan Oxford University  
Dan O'Brien IIEA  
Pat O’Connor University of Limerick  
Gary Pollock Manchester Metropolitan University
Maev-Ann Wren ESRI  

Phd Students


Name Thesis Title
Inigo Aldama The Welfare Positioning of Ethnonational Minority Parties in Europe
Ishrat Ali Tale of Two States : A comparative study of the health determinants in India
Dimitrios Argyros Essays in Demographic Economics: The role of political environment on fertility decisions
Andrea Berger The re-making of Human Identification Infrastructures (HII) in the European Union after the Schengen Agreement. A focus on asylum case processing in Germany.
Aušra Čižauskaitė The Objective and Subjective Quality of Social Investment Interventions for Households with Children
Niall Costello The impact of engagement with education and working on brain health across age graded transitions through the life course
Monika da Silva Pedroso Minority Languages, Bilingualism and Educational Stratification in Post-Colonial Ireland: A Comparative Study
Manuel Estevo Lago Rodriguez Causality and long term effect of gender social movements: How to reach a new and stable societal equilibrium
Francesca Eustacchi The impact of women land titles on children's well-being
Costanza Galanti The struggle for care under the new European economic governance. Collective action in and between Italy and Romania
Michele Gubello Essays on Inequality and Public Policies: Theory and Applications
Xidong Guo Provision of Health Care: The Road towards A Better System
Mohsin Javed The impact of automation technologies on workers with different skills
Manvi Jindal Application of the framework of preferential treatment all-pay auction and contest theory
Jesper Lindqvist The Inequalities That Divide - A Theory of Left-Right Politics
Marianna Lovato The rules of the game: How to bargain and win at the EU negotiating table - Understanding negotiation effectiveness in EU foreign policy
Lucie Martin Who bears administrative burden? Behavioural economics and the social distribution of paperwork
Andrea Maynard A Study of the Impact of Social Innovation Education in Ireland on Student, Teacher and Community Wellbeing
Sofia Ntaliou Local Citizenship and Immigration: The cases of Athens and Dublin
Diane Pelly Worker well-being: antecedents, outcomes and interventions
Johannes Scheuerer Essays on the Taxation of Multinational Enterprises
Theresa Schilling Queer Relationships and Masculinities: Friendship, Intimacy and Community Among Young Queer People in Ireland
Lena Specht International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment and innovation effects of student migration
Prachi Srivastava Expectations and uncertainty beliefs - Inflation expectations
Chenlong Wang The mechanisms of knowledge sharing and public opinion evolution in online knowledge-sharing platforms