Our Fellows


Geary Adjunct Fellows and Visiting Staff


Mary Aiken    
Jeremy Bray The University of Greensboro North Carolina  
Michael Daly University of Stirling  
Liam Delaney London School of Economics
Rhona Dempsey Quality and Qualifications Ireland
Negin Fouladi University of Maryland
Sarah Gibney Department of Health
Stephen Kinsella University of Limerick
Muiris MacCarthaigh Queens University Belfast  
Martin Maguire Dundalk IT  
John Martin Retired – Director of Employment, Labour & Social Affairs, OECD  
Brian Nolan Oxford University  
Dan O'Brien IIEA  
Pat O’Connor University of Limerick  
Gary Pollock Manchester Metropolitan University
Maev-Ann Wren ESRI  

Phd Students


Name School Thesis
Andrea Berger Business  TBD
Mary Naughton Business Union and Social Movement Strategies in the Healthcare sector
Matthew Amalitinga Abagna Economics Essays on International Trade and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Dimitrios Argyros Economics Essays in Demographic Economics: The role of the political environment and public policies in shaping family decisions: Evidence from developing countries
Tatiana Bezdenezhnykh Economics Economic shocks to healthcare and consequences for households
Philip Carthy Economics Essays on the Environment, Health, and Human Capital
Daire Crotty Economics Selling a false dream.’ Does third level education necessarily result in a higher degree of earnings?
Sam Deegan Economics Feedback Effects of Financial Distress: A Study of the European Banking Sector (provisional)
Manuel Estevo Lago Rodríguez Economics How do societies shift their existing social norms: How to reach a new and stable societal equilibrium?
Francesca Eustacchi Economics The impact of women land titles on children's well-being
Olivia Finan Economics TBD
Kira Finan Economics TBD 
Andy Finette Economics Informational influence and reference dependent preferences
Michele Gubello Economics Essays on inequality and human capital
Xidong Guo Economics Provision of Health Care: The Road towards A Better System
Chen Haochi Economics Policies against Inequality? The Effects of China’s Fertility Policies on Intergenerational Mobility
Mohsin Javed Economics The impact of automation technologies on workers with different skills
Manvi Jindal Economics The application of the framework of preferential treatment all-pay auction and contest theory
treatment all-pay auction and contest theory.
Neeharika Kakunuri Economics Partisan Politics, Inequality and Growth
Zilong Li Economics Revisiting the border effect
Giacomo lo Conte Economics TBD
Lucie Martin Economics Administrative burdens and inequality
Himani Pasricha Economics Essays on Labour Economics
Nadiya Saba Economics Factors influencing increased adoption of EV towards Decarbonisation of Transport sector in Ireland and Internationally
Johannes Scheurer Economics Essays on the Structural Causes and Consequences of Corporate Tax Avoidance
Yishan Shi Economics Intergenerational mobility and educational inequality
Prachi Srivastava Economics Inflation expectations and Monetary policy
Shreya Swarnakar Economics Globalisation and Women’s Health Outcomes: A Detailed Study
Yung-Shiang Yang Economics Cultural Differences in Behavioral Economics 
Xuejing Yu Economics Energy Economics
Niall Costello Education Investigation on the impact of engagement with working and education on brain health throughout the lifecourse
Andrea Maynard Education A study of the impact of social innovation education in Ireland on student, teacher, and community wellbeing
Sara Ponce Education Early Childhood School Engagement and Socioeconomic Disadvantage: The Role of Emotion Coaching
Marianna Lovato Politics and International Relations The (in)formal rules of the game: How member states navigate informality in EU foreign policy negotiations
Alexandra Afroditi Asimakopoulou Psychology The malleability of memory: The role of emotional engagement in susceptibility to fake news
Inigo Aldama Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice Understanding the Role of Social Welfare Systems on the Dynamics of Ethnic Conflict in European Regions: Evidence from the Great Recession
Aušra Čižauskaitė Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice Objective and Subjective Quality of Social Investment Interventions for Households with Children
Orla Dingley Social Policy, social work and social justice Addressing energy poverty in Ireland
Marco Flores Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice Queer Sexual Migration: Masculinities and Privilege among Gay American Expats in Dublin and Prague
Nobuko Ijichi Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice Community of Practice and Public Diplomacy – through Japanese cultural learning and exchange
Matt Kennedy Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice Transnormativity and the Everyday Lifeworlds of Young Trans Men in Ireland
Sofia Ntaliou Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice Local citizenship & Immigration: the cases of Athens & Dublin
Theresa Schilling Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice Queer Relationships and Masculinities: Friendship, Intimacy and Community Among Young Queer People in Ireland
Chenlong Wang Sociology Understanding Evaluation Mechanisms of Online Communities
Yuchen Zhang Sociology When Women Wear The Trousers: The Reversed Gender Role Distribution of households in China as Women’s Socioeconomic Status Raises