Our Fellows


Geary Adjunct Fellows and Visiting Staff


Mary Aiken    
Jeremy Bray The University of Greensboro North Carolina  
Michael Daly University of Stirling  
Liam Delaney London School of Economics
Rhona Dempsey Quality and Qualifications Ireland
Negin Fouladi University of Maryland
Sarah Gibney Department of Health
Stephen Kinsella University of Limerick
Muiris MacCarthaigh Queens University Belfast  
Martin Maguire Dundalk IT  
John Martin Retired – Director of Employment, Labour & Social Affairs, OECD  
Brian Nolan Oxford University  
Dan O'Brien IIEA  
Pat O’Connor University of Limerick  
Gary Pollock Manchester Metropolitan University
Maev-Ann Wren ESRI  

Phd Students

Name: Thesis Title:
Amelie Aidenberger Under the Influence: Social Contexts of Norm Compliance, Norm Enforcement & Norm Violations
Inigo Aldama Understanding the Role of Social Welfare Systems on the Dynamics of Ethnic Relations in European Regions
Ishrat Ali Challenges in Indian healthcare delivery with the rising health inequalities: A critical study
Matthew Amalitinga Abagna Essays on Outward Foreign Direct Investment from Emerging Economies 
Dimitrios Argyros  
Cliodhna Bairead Homelessness as a form of statelessness among single Homeless People in Dublin: an analysis of three years of administrative data on patterns of homeless accommodation service usage and entry, exit and re-entry from homelessness 
Andrea Berger  
Tatiana Bezdenezhnykh  
Jonathan Briody Essays on the Economics of Health 
Philip Carthy  
Aušra Čižauskaitė Objective and subjective quality of social investment interventions for families with children
Monika da Silva Pedroso  
Marco Flores Queer sexual migration: masculinities and privilege among American expats in Prague. 
Michele Gubello  
Xidong Guo Provision of Health Care: The Road towards A Better System
Ali Hamoudi Civil Society Organisations Providing Social Services in Iraq
Ryan Hynes  
Mohsin Javed  
Jesper Lindqvist
Why Speak of Left and Right? - Old Terminology in a New Political Landscape
Marianna Lovato The rules of the game: How to bargain and win at the EU negotiation table – Understanding negotiation effectiveness in EU foreign policy
Lucie Martin Who bears administrative burden, and how does it affect inequality? Behavioural economics and the social distribution of paperwork.
Mary Naughton  
Sofia  Ntaliou Local Citizenship and Immigration
Pierce Parker NMS Migrants' Labour Market Outcomes
Himani Pasricha Analysing Labor Migration through Network Analysis
Diane Pelly Worker well-being intervention initiatives: are they worth the investment?
Emily Pratt  
Beatriz Salvan Evaluating the Economic Returns to Different Fields of Study in Ireland
Johannes Scheurer Essays on Trade, Foreign Direct Investment and Inequality in Space
Theresa Schilling Queer relationships and masculinities: friendship, intimacy and community among young queer people in Ireland.
Matthew Shannon The labour market and well-being outcomes of minority individuals 
Yishan Shi Intergenerational Mobility in Education and Economic Transformation: An empirical analysis in Africa 
Lena Specht International trade effects of student migration 
Daniel Stairs Soft Structural Power in European Economic Governance
Chenlong Wang The mechanisms of knowledge sharing and public opinion evolution in online knowledge-sharing platforms.
Diego Zambiasi