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2022 / 2023

Seminar Series 2022/23

Seminars are Seminars are 1-2pm. Please register for our mailing list or follow us on Twitter for further information. Videos for this series are available on our YouTube channel here

Date Speaker Title
20th Sept 2022 Laura Foley, UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy Moving the goalposts for migrants’ rights in Qatar: the role of transnational multi-actor policy networks
27th Sept 2022 Katie Duffy, ESRI Unequal Chances: Inequalities in mortality in Ireland
04th Oct 2022 Enda Hargaden, JE Cairnes School of Business and Economics, University of Galway Direct and Spillover Effects of Taxation: Targeted Notches and Two-Sided Bunching
11th Oct 2022 Taha Yasseri, School of Sociology IRC project "ANNETTE".
18th Oct 2022 Catarina Marvão, School of Accounting and Finance, TUD Cartels' birth and death dynamics: Empirical Evidence.
25th Oct 2022 Ciaran Nugent, NERI Overqualified third-level graduates in the Irish labour market
08th Nov 2022 Massimiliano Mascherini, EUROFOUND
The association between COVID-19 policy responses and mental well-being: Evidence from 28 European countries
15th Nov 2022 Veronica Crossa, El Colegio de Mexico and Visiting Fellow, Geary Institute for Public Policy Reinventing Morality: The "Good Governance" of Transportation in Mexico City
22nd Nov 2022
Stephan Köppe, School of Social Policy, UCD and Dorota Szelewa, School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, UCD.
The Wealth Shield: A Microsimulation of Inequalities, Inheritance and the Irish Fair Deal
29th Nov 2022
Flavia Santos, School of Psychology, UCD
How nervousness around numbers steers students away from STEM: A matter for public policy
24th Jan 2023
Tony Fahey, School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, UCD
Housing, Debt and Wealth Distribution: a National Case Study
31st Jan 2023 Diane Pelly, School of Economics, UCD Nudging in the Workplace: increasing participation in the employee EDI wellness events
07th Feb 2023 Micheál Collins, School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, UCD and Catherine Elliot O’Dare, School of Social Work and Social Policy, TCD Low Paid Workers: a quantitative and qualitative profile of low pay among workers aged over 50
14th Feb 2023 Sally Shortall, University of Newcastle, UK and South-East Technological University, Ireland Is agriculture a sector or an occupation?
21st Feb 2023 Edgar Morgenroth, DCU Business School Bowling for Covid? Social Capital and US Covid Vaccination rates
28th Feb 2023 Alan de Bromhead, Queen’s Management School, QUB

Rooted to the soil: The impact of social housing on population in Ireland since 1911

07th Mar 2023 Sadbh Byrne, Department of Psychology, Maynooth University Child and Youth Mental Health
04th Apr 2023 David Putwain, School of Education, Liverpool John Moores University Young people and test anxiety
11th Apr 2023

Michal Polakowski and Emily Cunniffe, European Migration Network Ireland, ESRI

Labour market integration of asylum-seekers in Ireland 
18th Apr 2023  Olga Salido, Universidad Complutense de Madrid Taking stock of the gender employment impact of the COVID-19 crisis in the EU27: A rising tide lifting all boats? 
25th Apr 2023 Claire Keane, ESRI Lone Parent Benefit Reform in Ireland: Beyond the Labour Market Effects.
30th May 2023 Alex Galassi, NSW Behavioural Insights Unit, BIU. Sludge Reduction: From Research to Application to Improve the Customer Experience.

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