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Behavioural Science And Public Policy

Behavioural Science and Public Policy

The behavioural science and policy group is a centre for research and collaboration on integrating behaviourally-informed ideas into public policy. The group is led by (opens in a new window)Dr Leonhard Lades. The research (opens in a new window)team consists of a core group of faculty, researchers and PhD students, a wide network of research affiliates, and external stakeholders. Our aims are to contribute in a meaningful way to the international development of the field of behavioural science and to be a key site for the integration of this field into public policy.

Our research relies on methodologies such as lab and field experiments, surveys, secondary data analysis, and economic theory. We conduct research on many topics within behavioural economics, economic psychology, and behavioural science more broadly. Some of our research topics include: psychological determinants of decision-making; self-image and identity; social image; emotions; self-control; subjective well-being and mental health; ethical uses of behavioural insights; administrative burden and “sludge”; political behaviour; economic preferences; discrimination; and online social influence.

We organise (opens in a new window)events such as seminars, workshops, and conferences on various topics in behavioural science. Over the years, many leading figures in the field have spoken at our events.

Please get in touch with Leo Lades at (opens in a new window)leonhard.lades@ucd.ie if you are interested in behavioural science research and applications in Ireland and beyond and/or would like to know more about the research.

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