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Sexual Exploitation Research Programme (SERP)

About SERP

The (opens in a new window)Sexual Exploitation Research Programme (SERP) was established in 2017 by Emeritus Associate (opens in a new window)Professor Ursula Barry in the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice at University College Dublin. SERP is now led by (opens in a new window)Associate Professor Dr Marie Keenan. In 2020, SERP joined UCD’s Geary Institute for Public Policy.

SERP conducts feminist research on all forms of commercial sexual exploitation that creates useful knowledge for law and policy makers, practitioners, survivors, supporters and activists.

SERP aims to strengthen the evidence base on current and emerging issues of sexual exploitation in Ireland, and beyond. Our work is designed to enhance understanding of the commercial sex trade, its impact on women and girls who are sexually exploited, on communities and on society at large.

In addition to strong links with domestic and international partners and allies, SERP also works collaboratively with support services for victims and survivors of prostitution and sex trafficking on the ground, seeking to bridge the gap between academia and frontline practice in generating new knowledge, insights and solutions on these issues. SERP also provides learning opportunities, training, evaluation and bespoke consultancy services on the theme of commercial sexual exploitation and related issues. We are always seeking new ways to communicate and share our work and its findings and implications. To find out more visit (opens in a new window)SERP’s website.

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