About us

IT Services is committed to supporting the UCD community by being the partner of choice for information technology solutions and services.

Our vision is to empower people by transforming University life with new and emerging digital technologies.

Services for teaching and learning and research

We offer the UCD community a wide range of technologies to assist with teaching and learning ranging from the Brightspace learning environment enabling learning from anywhere, academic software options for teaching, expertise in developing various types of visual content, ePortfolios and even more options for collaborative learning.

Services for researchers

We support and facilitate researchers in their use of IT as an enabler for their research activities. Our services range from research information systems to compute clusters, data centre hosting, data management and web hosting / design, all of which are tailored to support the needs of the research community.

Services for administration

Working in collaboration with the management and administration of the University, we provide and support integrated systems, processes and information running the University's student records, finance, human resources, development and alumni relations and other key areas.  Our services include the analysis, design, implementation and support of business systems and the development of management information.

Services for staff

We provide a wide range of services to support staff in their work for the University. These services include the network, internet, email, document storage and sharing, calendaring software, collaboration services and desktop services.  These tools facilitate widening/foster engagement, enabling the University to share knowledge and build partnerships with the global research and teaching community, the public and local community.  All these systems are dependent on strong information security, so keeping University systems safe is also a major part of our remit.

Services for students

We support students’ IT needs, from getting online to finding module resources in Brightspace or obtaining discounted software. Our IT Centre and help desk are available for technical support and advice.  We also run the award-winning UCD Mobile app, which assists students with everything from finding their way around campus with the help of the interactive map to searching the Library Catalogue to locate a book.

Our Principles

  • Customer focused
  • Adding value
  • Secure, reliable, flexible, sustainable and accessible
  • Simple and innovative solutions

Our Values

  • Empowering our staff (Engagement)
  • Excellence in what we do (Excellence)
  • Engaging the community in the design and delivery of services (Collegiality)
  • Having open and honest two way conversations with the community (Integrity and Diversity)