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Details of all data collected within each of the 3 studies of the National Nutrition Phenotype Database can be found by selecting the relevant project below

  1. Tuda Elderly Cohort Study
  2. National Adult Nutrition Survey
  3. MECHE Postprandial Trial

Data Access

It is possible to make a request to access data from one or more projects via this website. To do so, please choose the relevant project above, select the information you are interested in and proceed to the request form. It is important that you enter as much information as possible about yourself in order that your request is sent to the most appropriate member of the executive board.

Please note: All data contained within the National Nutrition Phenotype Database is governed by a Consortium Agreement and as such all external access must abide by the conditions laid down within this agreement.  All  requests for data access and collaboration will however be considered.

Data format

Most data is held in SPSS/PASW format. It may also be possible to supply the data in MS excel or comma separated formats if required.


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