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An extensive database combines information from 3 large projects.

  1. National Adult Nutrition Survey (NANS)
  2. Trinity-Ulster Department of Agriculture Project (TUDA)
  3. Metabolic Challenge Study (MECHE)

National Adult Nutrition Survey (NANS)

University College Cork has recruited a sample of 1,500 free living adult subjects with University College Dublin as the main partner. This is termed the reference nationally representative sample. Detailed dietary and related data has been gathered as well as urine and blood for nutrigenomics analysis.

Trinity-Ulster Department of Agriculture Project (TUDA)

Trinity College Dublin and University of Ulster have gathered data on 5,200 elderly subjects coming from 3 distinct groups:

  • Those with impaired cognitive function (n=1,700)
  • Those with impaired skeletal function (n=1,500)
  • Those with impaired cardiovascular function (n=2,000)

Detailed dietary and related data are being collected as well as blood for nutrigenomics analysis.

Metabolic Challenge Study (MECHE)

University College Dublin has collated data on 214 subjects aged 18-60 years in a study involving a metabolic challenge with either a high fat or a high carbohydrate drink. In addition to nutrigenomics analysis, subjects have undergone detailed body composition imaging, muscle function and fitness testing.

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