Manufacturing operations management

Being part of globally dispersed manufacturing networks, firms must manage competing objectives, such as minimizing cost to serve, while increasing responsiveness. With increased emphasis on sustainability, these traditional cost and responsiveness objectives may also have to incorporate environmental (e.g. CO2 emissions) and social (e.g. workplace safety, job creation) sustainability criteria. LAMS is actively involved in a research and development activities pertaining to the following research areas:

  • Discrete event simulation of manufacturing systems
  • Agent-based modelling and simulation of engineering process workflows
  • Novel, multiple criteria scheduling and control methods for streamlining the operation and performance of complex manufacturing systems
  • Workforce Analytics in Engineering Services Firms
  • Novel Workforce Training and Education Approaches in Smart Manufacturing Environments
  • Assembly line balancing integrating robot-based and human operators’ activities
  • Modelling and evaluation of flexibility and complexity