Modelling and simulation of manufacturing processes

LAMS in involved in research and development of novel modelling and simulation methods that may be used for improving the performance of a broad range of manufacturing processes. Particular
emphasis is given to carrying out research for introducing a higher degree of automation in standard industrial environments.

The research interests in this area include:

  • Advanced product design for assembly, manufacturing and de-manufacturing
  • Utilisation of digital manufacturing tools, including 3D modelling and simulation tools, for designing, validating and optimising assembly, robotic and hybrid, human-robot processes with emphasis on assembly operations
  • Multi-layer modelling and simulation of complex manufacturing processes, enabling the integration of simulation models at micro and macro level for evaluating the impact of alternative process configurations on the overall performance of a manufacturing system
  • Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things technologies with emphasis on the collection, integration and analysis of data originating from diverse sensors and production data sources
  • Big data analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques
  • Integration of advanced sensing devices and control systems in the modelling of manufacturing cells