James Joyce Library Building Project

James Joyce Library Building Project

Updated 2 July 2024

A major capital development project is underway in the James Joyce Library. The first phase of the project includes the newly enhanced and expanded student space on Level 3, which was completed in August 2023.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work towards a transformed experience for all our users. This page is updated with the most recent information.

What happened?

  • Works on Level 3 have been completed.
  • The creation of new 'Zoom rooms' and group study rooms has been completed on Level 2.
  • The UCD Archives Reading Room has reopened in a new temporary location on Level 2 of the James Joyce Library (Room 229), where it will remain until a new Cultural Heritage Reading Room opens in due course. Access is by appointment.

Movement of books and journals:

  • Book moves between Levels 2 and 4 are complete.
  • Books and current journals in Dewey 400s-700s are located on Level 2, and will remain there for the next academic year.
  • Books and print journals in Dewey 001-399 are located on Level 4.
  • Law journals on Level 2 identified by the curation project as being most suitably housed in our Newstead storage space have been moved there.
  • Reference collections have been interfiled with the rest of the collections. Large items are shelved at the end of each Dewey number run (for example, large items in the 100s are shelved at the end of the rest of the 100s).
  • These are part of a series of stock moves that will ultimately give us a straightforward run of Dewey numbers, starting on Level 4 and continuing to Level 2.
  • If you need assistance finding anything, please contact libraryinfo@ucd.ie who will be able to help.
  • The Official Publications collection has been moved offsite temporarily. Access to the content of this collection is available either online, or via Inter Library Loan on request. Any queries should go to libraryinfo@ucd.ie.

Building works update:

A new Level 0 storage facility has been completed.


Get in touch!

If you have any queries please contact us by email at libraryinfo@ucd.ie.