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UCD Library Structure and Managers

UCD Library Structure and Managers

Connecting people with services, information and expertise, the Library is the centre for information and knowledge management services in UCD.
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The Library Executive Team oversees the strategic development of all aspects of UCD Library's services and operations, including national and international collaborations. It determines and sets strategic priorities in the context of University and Library strategic plans. 

University Librarian John B. Howard
Associate Librarian Lorna Dodd


Associate Librarian Susan Reilly

Responsible for the ongoing development and management of high quality Library services, that are dynamic and responsive to user needs. Leads and coordinates the effective customer relationships with Colleges, and supports the University’s Teaching & Learning agenda.

Head of Client Services Peter Hickey
User Services Manager Avril Patterson

Collection Services oversees the selection, purchase, management and description of UCD Library collections including those received via donation or legal deposit, with a view to enhancing the accessibility and discoverability of all resources. Using qualitative and quantitative measures, this unit ensures that our collections support university research, teaching & learning.
Its staff represent UCD Library on national initiatives such as IReL (Irish Electronic Library), and promote access to the resources available through such programmes.

Head of Collection Services Julia Christopher
Collection Services Manager Aoife O'Brien

Research Services is responsible for developing and delivering specialist and innovative services to researchers - including the development of digital repository services such as the UCD Digital Library and Research Repository UCD; maps and spatial information; ISSDA (Irish Social Science Data Archive); Research Data Management; and measurement of research impact.

Head of Research Services Michelle Dalton

Responsible for the curation, preservation and management of UCD's unique book and archival collection, dating from 1477 to 1930s. Working with the Library Research Services and the UCD academic community, provides direction and advice regarding the digitization of these collections for inclusion in the UCD Digital Library, ensuring important primary materials are made accessible for research and teaching. Facilitates access to collections through the provision of the Special Collections Reading Room.

Special Collections Librarian Evelyn Flanagan

UCD Archives' core function is the curatorship of the archives of the university and the significant institutions which predated its foundation; and of those outstanding collections of private papers and institutional archives acquired and preserved to help document the foundation and development of modern Ireland.

Principal Archivist Kate Manning

Home to one of the largest collections of oral and ethnological material in the world. Visitors are invited to explore the large selection of books, manuscripts, audio recordings, videos and photographs, drawings and paintings dealing with Irish life, folk history and culture.

Director, National Folklore Collection Mr Críostoír Mac Cárthaigh

Planning & Administration Unit manages the infrastructure of core functions which support the full range of library services for the UCD Community.  It is responsible for developing effective relationships and processes,  across library units and with central UCD administrative units, to provide critical functionality in the following key areas:

  • Financial & Management Information
  • Development & Strategic Initiatives
  • Communications & Outreach
  • Human Resources & Staff Training/Development
Associate Librarian (Vacant)  
Staffing and Finance Officer Shirley Moloney  

Planning and Strategic Development

Works with the University Librarian to explore and enhance fundraising, facilities development and programmes of strategic importance to UCD Library. Coordinates capital improvement projects, and projects for business continuity and recovery from disasters and other events that disrupt service; oversees and ensures compliance with legal and regulatory matters; contributes to the identification of initiatives of strategic importance, planning and incubating projects for potential mainstreaming into overall Library service.

Head of Development & Strategic Programmes Ursula Byrne

Library IT Services

Develops and manages IT and technical functions of UCD Library. Leads development and delivery of all technical services and business systems in accordance with UCD Library strategy.

Head of Library IT Services Samantha Drennan

Communication and Outreach

Responsible for a wide range of outreach activities to promote our Library identity, optimise the visibility and awareness of our services and resource range and the value placed upon them. Ensuring the consistency and quality of our communications and marketing, providing information on request to internal and external parties, co-ordinating physical and online Library events. Strategic management of our websites and use of social media is included in the brief and collaboration with colleagues regarding the overall user experience of our online interfaces.

Outreach Manager Ursula Byrne
Ursula Byrne

Ursula Byrne

Head of Development and Strategic Programmes, Planning & Administration

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Julia Christopher

Julia Christopher

Head of Collection Services

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Michelle Dalton

Michelle Dalton

Head of Research Services

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Samantha Drennan

Samantha Drennan

Head of Library IT, Planning & Administration

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Evelyn Flanagan

Evelyn Flanagan

Head of Special Collections, Cultural Heritage

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Peter Hickey

Peter Hickey

Head of Client Services

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John B. Howard

John B. Howard

University Librarian

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Críostoír Mac Cárthaigh

Críostoír Mac Cárthaigh

Director, National Folklore Collection

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Kate Manning

Kate Manning

Principal Archivist, UCD Archives

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Shirley Moloney

Shirley Moloney

Library Staffing & Finance Manager, Planning & Administration

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Aoife O'Brien

Aoife O'Brien

Collection Services Manager

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Avril Patterson

Avril Patterson

User Services Manager, Client Services

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Susan Reilly

Susan Reilly

Associate Librarian, Collection Services / Planning & Administration

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