Strategy and Planning

Strategy and Planning

This page provides the UCD Library mission and values statements and our 2016-2020 strategy.
UCD Library Strategy 2016-2020pdf|14 MB


To organise and support the University’s information to inspire engagement and learning, to enable its use in promoting research and innovation, and to contribute to the preservation of Irish cultural heritage resources.


A world class research library with a global reach, providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for learning, collaboration, knowledge creation and community.  As partners in education and research and leaders in developing, managing and preserving library collections and providing information services, we will leverage technology and staff expertise to ensure the University’s success in achievement of its mission and objectives.

UCD Library embraces the University’s values of excellence, integrity, collegiality, engagement, and diversity. We value our students, faculty, staff and visitors by

  • providing a welcoming physical and online environment 
  • responding flexibly and empathetically to changing circumstances and emerging needs
  • treating all with dignity and respect and with consistency and impartiality, assuring equity of access to services and facilities
  • being open and accountable in all that we do
  • working smarter together across administrative boundaries to actively build partnerships at local, regional, national and international level to achieve service levels and access to resources for our community that may otherwise be unobtainable

We value Library staff by

  • recognising that staff expertise, skills and personal commitment underpin the continuing success of the Library and the accomplishment of Library and University strategic objectives
  • supporting the requirement for continuous professional development
  • providing an inclusive working environment and treating all staff with dignity and respect

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