A - Z Index

A - Z Index

Occupancy gauge

Check how busy our libraries are in real-time with our availability dashboard.

Occupational safety, health and environment resources and support

See our online guide.

Off campus access

Ways of getting access to our electronic resources when off campus.

Official Publications

Our collection of publications published by official bodies, such as governments, national institutions etc.


OneSearch - our resource discovery service.

OneSearch: finding books using OneSearch at UCD Library (video)

Watch a video on finding books using OneSearch.

OneSearch: finding information on your topic (video)

Watch a video on finding information on your topic.

OneSearch: find a journal article (video)

Watch a video on finding journal articles using OneSearch.

Online Tutorials

Our collection of online tutorials.

Open Access

Showcasing your research in UCD's Open Access Institutional Repository for publications by UCD staff.

Open access publishing agreements

Find out more about open access publishing agreements with journal publishers that allow UCD researchers to publish their research open access at no cost to the author.

Open Access - uploading your paper to Research Repository UCD (video)

Watch this video showing you how to upload to Research Repository UCD.

Open book exams and referencing

Discover how to prepare for open book exams and citing your sources with our infographic.

Opening hours

View the opening hours of our libraries.


All about the unique ID system for researchers and their outputs.

Ordering Books

Find out how to order books for your classes or research.

Organisational Structure

Find out about the Library's organisational structure.

Other libraries

Information about visiting other libraries.

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