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CEO of UCD spin-out named Founder of the Year by Enterprise Ireland

Posted June 23, 2017

  • SiriusXT has received €5 million in funding since 2015
  • UCD spin-out has developed first microscope of its kind in the world

Tony McEnroe, CEO of cellular imaging company SiriusXT has been named High Potential Start-up (HPSU) Founder of the Year by Enterprise Ireland.

SiriusXT was founded in 2015 by McEnroe and Dr Kenneth Fahy, Dr Fergal O’Reilly and Dr Paul Sheridan from the UCD School of Physics.

The University College Dublin scientists spent eight years developing the technology that underpins SiriusXT’s flagship product – the SXT-100.

A high-resolution 3D microscope that photographs the internal structure of single biological cells, the SXT-100 will give scientists an unprecedented view of how drugs and disease work.

It can take images of cells with a thickness as small as 15 micrometres (1 micrometre = 1 millionth of a metre) at resolutions of up to 40 nanometres (1 nanometre = 1 billionth of a metre).

Pictured above: the SXT-100 subcellular imaging microscope

“Our SXT-100 microscope, which we plan to launch onto the market in 2018, will be the first commercial lab-scale SXT microscope of its kind in the world,” said Tony McEnroe, CEO of SiriusXT.

“It will allow researchers to illuminate whole single cells or tissue samples and produce 3D images that cannot be produced in any other way.”

SiriusXT has secured €5 million in funding since it was founded. This includes €3 million from the Horizon2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 Grant.

The company will begin pilot testing the SXT-100 in select research centres from January 2018. It is aiming for a commercial launch by the end of 2018.

By: Jonny Baxter, digital journalist, UCD University Relations