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Calling all cyclists: Self-fix bicycle stations rolled out on the Belfield campus

Posted 19 December, 2018

New self-fix bicycle repair stations have been installed at three locations across the Belfield campus at  University College Dublin.
Each kiosk features an air pump to reflate flat types and is equipped with a range of tools to keep bikes in working shape.
The  new repair stations, supplied by Turvec Solutions, are located at the Student Centre, the  James Joyce Library and Glenomena Residences.
According to  UCD Estate Services, who installed the repair stations, UCD Belfield is the single biggest cycle destination in Ireland with over 7,000 cycle journeys to the campus on an average term day.
“The university has a strong and active cycling community,” said John Fahey, UCD Facilities Manager. “Some 24% of our staff and 19% of our students cycle to campus."
"We are continually looking for ways to promote and foster an active commute to campus - commutes that are more sustainable and come with real health benefits.”
Making bicycle repair accessible and easy is an additional way to support the existing cycling community and encourage others to take up cycling to campus.
There are plans to roll out more self-fix bicycle repair stations and cycle parking at the following locations in 2019: Newstead/Richview, Ashfield/Belgrove, Sutherland/Quinn, Roebuck Castle Residences and the Blackrock campus.

By: David Kearns, Digital Journalist / Media Officer, UCD University Relations