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UCD science graduate named CEO of American Institute of Physics

Posted February 02, 2018

Michael H. Moloney, who graduated from University College Dublin at the top of his class, has been named the new CEO of the American Institute of Physics (AIP).

The AIP is a non-profit federation of 10 member societies that represent more than 120,000 scientists, engineers, educators and students around the world. It has a budget of $74 million.

Moloney studied experimental physics at the UCD School of Physics and was awarded the Thomas E. Nevin Medal when he graduated. The medal is given to the top student to graduate from UCD with first-class honours in physics.

“So much of our modern life is dependent on technology. Technology, in turn, is based on the underlying fundamental discoveries of science,” said Moloney.

“Our collective future, therefore, will continue to be linked to progress being made by the scientists and engineers who are members of the professional societies that constitute AIP.”

Moloney previously served as Director for Space and Aeronautics at the Space Studies Board (SSB) and the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board (ASEB). Both are part of the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine and are key advisers to NASA and the U.S. space programme.

He also worked as a foreign service officer for the Irish government for more than seven years. Based in the United States, he served at the Irish Embassy in Washington D.C. and the Irish Mission to the UN in New York.

"[Michael H. Moloney’s] years at the National Academies and his policy and media experience distinguish him as a strategic leader who knows how to foster the translation of fundamental scientific knowledge into practical programs that create value in our community and benefit everyone,” said John Regazzi, chairman of the AIP board of directors.

Moloney holds a doctorate degree in experimental physics from Trinity College Dublin. He will take up the position of CEO at the AIP on March 5, 2018.

By: Jonny Baxter, digital journalist, UCD University Relations