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Peer Mentoring

Meantóireacht Phiara

How do I become a Peer Mentor?



If you think you have what it takes to become a Peer Mentor and make a difference to other other students’ lives, then just talk with your Student Adviser or your BA Student Progression Manager. Peer Mentors are usually recruited in February / March for the following academic year. The following is a role description which will give you more information on what is involved:

Peer Mentor Role Description

Benefits to you:

  • Meeting new people and becoming more involved in UCD life
  • Developing your organisational and leadership skills
  • Improving your communication with others
  • Increasing your confidence
  • Improves your CV an enhances your employability when your degree is finished
  • An opportunity to put something back into UCD

Training and Support:

You will be given comprehensive training before you start the role. You will also attend ongoing meetings with your coordinator throughout the year. As both a peer mentor and a student in your own right, your Student Adviser and BA Student Progression Manager are there for you. You will be actively involved in the feedback process so that your views are incorporated into planning for the future.

Time Commitment:

Being a peer mentor, if managed properly, will not interfere with your own studies. The time commitment varies but in addition to attending training and orientation days, you will be required to organise group activities with your mentees and maintain contact with them throughout the year. You may also be required to meet your students individually from time to time. You will attend debriefing meetings with your Student Adviser/ BA Student Progression Manager.