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Peer Mentoring

A mentor is a guide who assists people who are undergoing transition. Having gone through such experiences themselves, mentors share with others what they have learned and offer advice and support throughout the process. Over time, and with the mentor’s help, a mentee develops a greater understanding of the challenges facing them and gains confidence in their own ability to deal with new experiences.

To maximise a mentoring programme’s effectiveness, it’s important for mentees to identify with their mentors. Mentors should be encouraged to talk about their own experiences in facing and overcoming challenges so that mentees can see that they too are capable of engaging successfully in whatever field they are in.

Since 2006, UCD’s Peer Mentors have been helping our new students making the transition to college. Using their own experiences and insights, they have helped create an environment which is welcoming and which facilitates the social and academic development of all our new undergraduate students. From small beginnings, UCD’s Peer Mentor population has grown to over 600 and is part of every undergraduate programme in the University.