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Meantóireacht Phiara

Peer Mentoring in UCD

UCD is a big place and while it’s exciting to be starting college, it can also be scary, even overwhelming. UCD’s Peer Mentors play a crucial role in helping new students settle into college life. Our Peer Mentors remember what it’s like to come here for the first time and they use that experience, and the knowledge they have gained since, to help new students integrate and begin to develop a sense of belonging to their programme of study and to the University more generally. Peer Mentors also gain new skills and the university as a whole benefits from an engaged and involved student body.

Our Peer Mentors help make coming to UCD a more welcoming, less daunting experience. As well as arranging meetings and social events for their mentees, mentors will also be available to assist with any queries or concerns which their mentees may have. In turn, mentors will be supported by their Student Adviser or Student Progression Manager.

The UCD Peer Mentoring Programme aims to:

    • Help news students make friends and settle into their course
    • Encourage new students to get involved in social activities
    • Prepare new students for first year by encouraging them to develop specific study skills
    • Reassure new students when it comes to concerns they may have about starting college
    • Support new students in solving problems which at the start of Stage 1 can seem very difficult but which, with the right help, can be easily addressed
    • Provide a space where new students can ask questions, no matter how big or small they may seem
    • Assist new students in navigating the various academic and personal supports that are available to them in UCD
    • Enhance the overall quality of the first year experience
    • Equip Peer Mentors with organisational, communication and leadership skills