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Global Public Health and Sports Studies Summer School 2024

The UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science will be running a Global Public Health and Sports Studies Summer School from 17th to 28th June 2024. The Summer School will take place at the Belfield campus of University College Dublin.

Who should attend the Summer School?

We are welcoming applications from undergraduate students interested in global public health and/or sports and health-related areas. Summer School applicants may currently be enrolled in programmes such as health sciences, public health, athletic therapy, sports studies, physical therapy, sports psychology, kinesiology, medicine or nutrition.

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Choice of modules

The Summer School consists of two modules and students are welcome to choose either one or both of them. 

MODULE 1:Sustainable Advancements in Global Public Health

Explore key concepts relating to health and sustainable development, including*

  • Climate and health
  • Food, nutrition and malnutrition
  • Exercise and physical activity for health and wellness
  • Leveraging digital technology for health
  • Delivering healthcare services: Perspectives from healthcare professionals
  • Pandemic preparedness

MODULE 2:Sports Studies

Examine sports culture and society, optimisation of human performance and sports management concepts, including*

  • Sports events and sustainability
  • Psychology of sport
  • Nutrition and sports performance
  • Science of coaching
  • Optimising sports performance
  • Leveraging technology in sport
  • Sports rehabilitation

* subject to change

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How will students learn?

Via a series of lectures, innovative practical workshops and interactive group learning activities, students will be guided through the most recent research and teachings from a global health and sports and performance perspective, delivered by a team of world-class researchers, teachers and clinical experts. Each module is worth 5 ECTS and we recommend that 3 US credits be awarded for the successful completion of each one.

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Cultural and social activities

In addition to learning activities, students will be given the opportunity to try out Gaelic games, take a stadium tour of Croke Park (Ireland's largest sporting arena) and browse in the Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA) museum. You will learn about sustainable food practices at Airfield Estate, Dublin's only urban working farm and gardens and you will visit Glendalough, the beautiful 'valley of the two lakes' and home to one of the most important monastic sites in Ireland.

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Accommodation is available on-campus on a first come, first served basis for an additional cost. Students will receive further information regarding the accommodation booking procedure after the application deadline of 31 March 2024 and upon acceptance to the programme.

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Summer School 2023: What our students really thought

The Global Public Health and Sports Studies Summer School ran for the first time in 2023. Here's what some of our students had to say about it.

"I really enjoyed this summer school experience. Conor and Cliona did a fantastic job organising these past two weeks to give us a true Ireland experience while also making the learning environment fun, informative and creative. I met some friends in this program that I hope to have for a very long time and this program gave me future opportunities to study abroad for a masters program". Brittany Darling-Jewett, University of New Brunswick

"I got so much out of the Global summer school programme. I had never done any global health topics and the relevancy of them all was essential to me e.g. Covid lessons. There was so much honesty in the programme. We were all encouraged to bring in our own opinions and we were all bouncing off each other in a very creative and peer centered way. The sports studies also surprised me. There was a great emphasis on important topics that I wouldn't  have even taken back at my home university. The classes on psychology and pain management/mindfulness were great. The field trips also just solidified our learning in our cultural context, we got to explore Ireland and participate in their cultural activities". Irene Lewis, University of Technology, Sydney

"The summer school was great opportunity to broaden my horizons and learn more about the field of public health through amazing, insightful professors. The summer school also allowed me to explore Dublin and Ireland alongside my class and with peers from around the world". Erin Wolf, Stevens Institute of Technology

"This programme was very good to experience sport and exercise science concepts from a new and interesting standpoint while also getting the opportunity to explore Dublin and Ireland and be fully immersed in the culture. I would highly recommend this summer school at UCD". Lachlan Cox, University of Technology, Sydney

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Applications now open

Apply now at www.ucd.ie/apply.

Click on the 'Apply to UCD' button and create a new account. Once your account is created, select 'Course Finder' and search for and select 'Global Public Health and Sports Studies Summer School' (CT60). Please ensure you complete all of the required information. Offers will be made on a rolling basis and applications will close when the course reaches capacity.

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Further details

Further details are available in the webinar recording below.

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