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Questions from Reviewers

Questions from Reviewers

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(opens in a new window)How are Review Group members selected?

A typical review group might include:

  • Two senior UCD staff, one of whom acts as chair (this is currently under review) and the other as deputy chair.
  • Two external experts in the discipline, chosen from a list of at least six nominees supplied to the Quality Office from the unit co-ordinating committee.

It should be noted that the number of reviewers may vary due to the size and diversity of the unit under review, however, the number of internal UCD members will not exceed the number of external members. All relationships with the proposed extern reviewer should be declared.

The list of proposed reviewers will be considered and approved by a sub-group of the Academic Council Quality Enhancement Committee (ACQEC) and the relevant College Principal/Vice-President. Additional reviewers may be added or considered. The final selection will be independent of the unit under review.


(opens in a new window)What is the role of the Review Group member?

The responsibilities of reviewers include:

  • reading and analysing the Self-Assessment Report prepared by the School and any other documentation sent in advance of a review (it should be noted that the Self-Assessment Report is confidential to the Review Group)
  • preparing initial points on the advance documentation for circulation to Review Group members prior to the review site visit
  • participating in a review visit to the University in order to gather, share, test and verify evidence
  • drawing conclusions, making recommendations and judgements on the academic standards achieved and the quality of the learning opportunities provided
  • preparation and completion of the allocated draft sections of the Review Group Report and commenting on the overall draft of the Review Group Report, as agreed with the Chair
  • respecting University protocols on Confidentiality, and Dignity and Respect
  • being available for the whole period of the review site visit and committing to complete all processes of the review once they have embarked on it

Reviewers will evaluate the Self-Assessment Report provided by the School, for example:

  • curricular contents and their suitability for achieving the intended learning outcomes
  • the assessment processes designed for the pathways and whether they are suitable to assess the intended learning outcomes
  • the overall standards of pathways and the procedures used for their maintenance and enhancement
  • the management of research and the quality of the research activity
  • overall student achievement, including progression to employment; the contributions made to student achievement by the quality of teaching; opportunities for learning; the academic support provision; and learning resources and their deployment (including staffing arrangements)
  • the teaching delivered by staff and how it contributes to learning by students and helps achieve the intended learning outcomes
  • the admission, induction and progression of students in the pathways and the academic support provided
  • the available learning resources and their use in supporting the pathways and the achievement of the intended learning outcomes
  • the procedures used for the maintenance and enhancement of standards and quality


(opens in a new window)What skills do I need as a reviewer?

Skills include the ability to:

  • conduct meetings and interviews with staff, students and external stakeholders
  • write succinctly and coherently
  • meet tight timescales and deadlines
  • work effectively as a member of a team
  • work courteously and professionally
  • maintain confidentiality
  • communicate electronically, including emails, attachments and word processed documents and files


(opens in a new window)How is the date of the site visit determined?

The site visit date is determined by the unit under review in consultation with the UCD Quality Office. It should be agreed early in the preparatory stages of the review process to facilitate the organisation of review groups and to ensure all staff members and stakeholders are available to meet the review group.


(opens in a new window)Who will organise my accommodation and flights?

The UCD Quality Office organises accommodation and flights for the site visit in consultation with the extern reviewers. The UCD Quality Office will co-ordinate this following confirmation of the Review Group membership.  For additional travel information, see (opens in a new window)How to Get to UCD.


(opens in a new window)To whom do I submit my expenses?

Expenses should be forwarded to the UCD Quality Office, Room 130, Tierney Building, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland ((opens in a new window)qualityoffice@ucd.ie).


(opens in a new window)When will I receive documentation for the review?

Initial information about the quality review process will be forwarded to the Review Group members with the invitation to participate in the unit review. Further information on the process and Self-Assessment Report will be forwarded approximately one month prior to the site visit. Additional information may be provided at the briefing meeting immediately prior to the commencement of the review site visit.