Secure ethical approval or low risk approval (exemption)

UCD Office of Research Ethics coordinates ethical review of research proposals involving human subjects, personal data, and animals. The office processes incoming submissions for full ethical review or low risk approval (exemption) and acts as a link between researchers and research ethics committees in UCD.

Self-Service Supports

  • Information on obtaining ethical approval or low risk approval (exemption) is available Here 
  • UCD Code of Good Practice in Research with Humans and Animals
  • Irish Health Research Regulations: Ireland has specific Regulations governing how personal data must be protected when carrying out health research. These regulations - commonly known as the 'Health Research Regulations' apply to all Health Research being carried out in Ireland, including research that was started before the Regulations came into force. If you are carrying out any research that could be 'health research' as defined in the Regulations, you will need to be aware of and apply these rules. More information is available here.
  • Read the Guide to submitting an ethical application online.
  • Researchers (UCD staff members only) submitting to the Animal Research Ethics Committee should consult the AREC Intranet
  • Be aware of the university's guidelines for the use of websites, social media, advertising and survey tools for recruiting and polling participants in research studies, including essential data protection rules: UCD Guidelines for Recruiting Research Participants 

Local Supports

Many of the Schools in UCD have members on the HREC-Humanities, HREC-Sciences or AREC committees and they are available to provide discipline-specific guidance upon request.

Central Supports

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UCD Office of Research Ethics can:

  • Support researchers through the ethics review process, from the preparation of a protocol submission to the review of research and any subsequent requests for approval of amendments
  • Provide an Ethics Advisory Consultation for staff and students
  • Facilitate the review process conducted by the UCD Research Ethics Committees
  • Provide seminars, presentations and workshops on research ethics and related areas.
Email for general queries email: or phone 8767