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Application Forms

Application Forms for all Ethics Reviews

For all AREC Full & Exemption Reviews:

  1. All forms for animal research protocols are available on the (opens in a new window)AREC Intranet.

For  all HREC full reviews:

  1. HR1 HREC Application Form - also available via InfoHub. Go to: InfoHub ->Research ->My Research Ethics Submissions
  2. HR2 Support Template - also available via InfoHub.
  3. Upload BOTH of these documents as part of your online submission via InfoHub.  Go to: InfoHub ->Research ->My Research Ethics Submissions to make your submission online - email submissions will not be accepted.

For all HREC Low Risk Study Reviews:

  1. Submit BOTH HR3 Low Risk Study Review Form and HR2 Support Template by  email to (opens in a new window)research.ethics@ucd.ie
  2. Please provide all support documents that are relevant to your study and note that it is mandatory to provide an information sheet and consent form using the HR2 Support TemplateWe will only accept hospital REC approvals and Garda Vetting Certificates as separate pdf.

Please note the following:

  • do not submit excessively long application forms/supporting documents - they will be returned;
  • only include information relevant to your ethics submission;
  • do not use documents that you have prepared for another purpose, such as a research proposal or a submission for research funding.

Contact UCD Office of Research Ethics

UCD Research, Tierney Building, Belfield, Dublin 4.
E: research.ethics@ucd.ie