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UCD School of Biomolecular & Biomedical Science - Research Publications 2015/16

Below is the list of research publications for the UCD School of Biomolecular & Biomedical Science in the academic year 2015/16.

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Assoc Professor Gethin McBean
McBean, G.J. (2016) 'Sulfur-containing amino acids: a neurochemical perspective' In: Nova Science (eds). Advances in Neurochemistry. New York: Nova Main.  

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Peer Reviewed Journals

Assoc Professor Orina Belton
Marcone S, Belton O Fitzgerald DJ (2016) 'Milk-derived bioactive peptides and their health promoting effects: a potential role in atherosclerosis'. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology .  
Bruen R, Fitzsimons S Belton O (2016) 'Atheroprotective Effects of Conjugated Linoleic Acid'. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology .  
Dr Oliver Blacque
Loucks CM, Bialas NJ Dekkers MP Walker DS Grundy LJ Li C Inglis PN Kida K Schafer WR Blacque OE Jansen G Leroux MR (2016) 'PACRG, a protein linked to ciliary motility, mediates cellular signaling'. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 27 (13):2133-2144.  
Kuhns S, Blacque OE (2016) 'Cilia Train Spotting'. Developmental Cell, 37 (5):395-396.  
Boldt K, van Reeuwijk J, Lu Q, Koutroumpas K, Nguyen TM, Texier Y, van Beersum SE, Horn N, Willer JR, Mans DA, Dougherty G, Lamers IJ, Coene KL, Arts HH, Betts MJ, Beyer T, Bolat E, Gloeckner CJ, Haidari K, Hetterschijt L, Iaconis D, Jenkins D, Klose F, Knapp B, Latour B, Letteboer SJ, Marcelis CL, Mitic D, Morleo M, Oud MM, Riemersma M, Rix S, Terhal PA, Toedt G, van Dam TJ, de Vrieze E, Wissinger Y, Wu KM, Apic G, Beales PL, Blacque OE, Gibson TJ, Huynen MA, Katsanis N, Kremer H, Omran H, van Wijk E, Wolfrum U, Kepes F, Davis EE, Franco B, Giles RH, Ueffing M, Russell RB, Roepman R (2016) 'An organelle-specific protein landscape identifies novel diseases and molecular mechanisms'. Nature Communications .  
Li C, Jensen VL Park K Kennedy J Garcia-Gonzalo FR Romani M De Mori R Bruel AL Gaillard D Doray B Lopez E Rivi¿¿re JB Faivre L Thauvin-Robinet C Reiter JF Blacque OE Valente EM Leroux MR (2016) 'MKS5 and CEP290 Dependent Assembly Pathway of the Ciliary Transition Zone'. PLoS Biology, 14 (3).  
Casey JP, Brennan K, Scheidel N, McGettigan P, Lavin PT, Carter S, Ennis S, Dorkins H, Ghali N, Blacque OE, Mc Gee MM, Murphy H, Lynch SA. (2016) 'Recessive NEK9 mutation causes a lethal skeletal dysplasia with evidence of cell cycle and ciliary defects'. Human Molecular Genetics .  
Cornils A, Maurya AK, Tereshko L, Kennedy J, Brear AG, Prahlad V, Blacque OE, Sengupta P (2016) 'Structural And Functional Recovery Of Sensory Cilia In C. elegans IFT Mutants Upon Aging'. PLoS Genetics .  
Sanders AA, de Vrieze E, Alazami AM, Alzahrani F, Malarkey EB, Sorusch N, Tebbe L, Kuhns S, van Dam TJ, Alhashem A, Tabarki B, Lu Q, Lambacher NJ, Kennedy JE, Bowie RV, Hetterschijt L, van Beersum S, van Reeuwijk J, Boldt K, Kremer H, Kesterson RA, Monies D, Abouelhoda M, Roepman R, Huynen MH, Ueffing M, Russell RB, Wolfrum U, Yoder BK, van Wijk E, Alkuraya FS, Blacque OE. (2015) 'KIAA0556 is a novel ciliary basal body component mutated in Joubert syndrome'. Genome Biology .  
Laura E. Yee, Francesc R. Garcia-Gonzalo, Rachel V. Bowie, Chunmei Li, Julie K. Kennedy, Kaveh Ashrafi, Oliver E. Blacque, Michel R. Leroux, and Jeremy F. Reiter. (2015) 'Conserved Genetic Interactions between Ciliopathy Complexes Cooperatively Support Ciliogenesis and Ciliary Signaling'. PLoS Genetics .  
Lambacher NJ, Bruel A-L, van Dam JPT, Szyma?ska K, Slaats GG, Kuhns S, McManus GJ, Kennedy JK, Gaff K, Man Wu K, van der Lee R, Burglen L, Doummar D, Rivière J-B, Faivre L, Attié-Bitach T, Saunier S, Curd A, Peckham M, Giles RH, Johnson CA, Huynen MA, Thauvin-Robinet C, Blacque OE. (2015) 'TMEM107 recruits ciliopathy proteins to subdomains of the ciliary transition zone membrane and causes Joubert syndrome'. Nature Cell Biology .  
Jensen VL, Li C Bowie RV Clarke L Mohan S Blacque OE Leroux MR (2015) 'Formation of the transition zone by Mks5/Rpgrip1L establishes a ciliary zone of exclusion (CIZE) that compartmentalises ciliary signalling proteins and controls PIP2 ciliary abundance'. EMBO Journal, 34 (20):2537-2556.  
Professor Geraldine Butler
Wang C, Schröder MS, Hammel S, Butler G. (2016) 'Using RNA-seq for Analysis of Differential Gene Expression in Fungal Species'. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 1361 :1-40.  
Wu G, Zhao H, Li C, Rajapakse MP, Wong WC, Xu J, Saunders CW, Reeder NL, Reilman RA, Scheynius A, Sun S, Billmyre BR, Li W, Averette AF, Mieczkowski P, Heitman J, Theelen B, Schröder MS, De Sessions PF, Butler G, Maurer-Stroh S, Boekhout T, Nagarajan N, Dawson TL Jr. (2015) 'Genus-Wide Comparative Genomics of Malassezia Delineates Its Phylogeny, Physiology, and Niche Adaptation on Human Skin'. PLoS Genetics, 11 :e1005614.  
Dr Patrick Caffrey
Patrick Caffrey, Eimear De Poire, James Sheehan, Paul Sweeney (2016) 'Polyene macrolide biosynthesis in streptomycetes and related bacteria: recent advances from genome sequencing and experimental studies'. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 100 (9):3893-3908.  
Paul Sweeney, Cormac Murphy, Patrick Caffrey (2016) 'Exploiting the genome sequence of Streptomyces nodosus for enhanced antibiotic production'. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 100 :1285-1295.  
Dr Gerard Cagney
Oliviero G, Munawar N Watson A Streubel G Manning G Bardwell V Bracken AP Cagney G (2015) 'The variant Polycomb Repressor Complex 1 component PCGF1 interacts with a pluripotency sub-network that includes DPPA4, a regulator of embryogenesis'. Scientific Reports, 5 .  
English JA, Fan Y F¿¿cking M Lopez LM Hryniewiecka M Wynne K Dicker P Matigian N Cagney G Mackay-Sim A Cotter DR (2015) 'Reduced protein synthesis in schizophrenia patient-derived olfactory cells'. Translational Psychiatry, 5 .  
Dr Jillian Casey
Casey, JP, Støve SI McGorrian, C Galvin, J Blenski, M Dunne, A Ennis, S Brett, F King, MD Arnesen T Lynch, SA (2015) 'NAA10 mutation causing a novel intellectual disability syndrome with Long QT due to N-terminal acetyltransferase impairment'. Scientific Reports, 5 .  
Dr Derek Costello
D.A. Costello, K. Keenan, R.M. McManus, A. Falvey & M.A. Lynch (2016) 'The age-related neuroinflammatory environment promotes macrophage activation, which negatively impacts synaptic function'. Neurobiology of Aging, 43 :140-148.  
Assoc Professor John Crean
Beaton H, Andrews D Parsons M Murphy M Gaffney A Kavanagh D McKay GJ Maxwell AP Taylor CT Cummins EP Godson C Higgins DF Murphy P Crean J (2016) 'Wnt6 regulates epithelial cell differentiation and is dysregulated in renal fibrosis'. American journal of physiology. Renal physiology .  
De Chiara L, Crean J (2016) 'Emerging Transcriptional Mechanisms in the Regulation of Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition and Cellular Plasticity in the Kidney'. Journal of clinical medicine, 5 (1).  
McKay, GJ Kavanagh, D , Crean, JK Maxwell AP (2015) 'Bioinformatic Evaluation of Transcriptional Regulation of WNT Pathway Genes with reference to Diabetic Nephropathy'. Journal of Diabetes Research .  
Professor Michael Duffy
Caiazza F, Murray A Madden SF Synnott NC Ryan EJ O'Donovan N Crown J Duffy MJ (2016) 'Preclinical evaluation of the AR inhibitor enzalutamide in triple-negative breast cancer cells'. Endocrine-Related Cancer, 23 (4):323-334.  
Mullooly M, McGowan P Crown J Duffy MJ (2016) 'The ADAMs Family of Proteases as Targets for the Treatment of Cancer'. Cancer biology & therapy .  
S¿¿l¿¿tormos G, Duffy MJ Othman Abu Hassan S Verheijen RH Tholander B Bast RC Gaarenstroom KN Sturgeon CM Bonfrer JM Petersen PH Troonen H CarloTorre G Kanty Kulpa J Tuxen MK Molina R (2015) 'Clinical Use of Cancer Biomarkers in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: Updated Guidelines From the European Group on Tumor Markers'. International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, 26 (1):43-51.  
Mullooly M, McGowan PM, Kennedy SA, Madden SF, Crown J, O' Donovan N, Duffy MJ. (2015) 'ADAM10: a new player in breast cancer progression?'. British Journal of Cancer, 113 :945-991.  
Professor William Gallagher
Smith A, Murphy L, Sharp L, O'Connor D, Gallagher WM, Bennett K, Barron TI (2016) 'De novo post-diagnosis statin use, breast cancer-specific and overall mortality in women with stage I-III breast cancer'. British Journal of Cancer, 115 (5):592-598.  
Toomey S, Eustace AJ, Pritzker LB, Pritzker KP, Fay J, O'Grady A, Cummins R, Grogan L, Kennedy J, O'Connor D, Young L, Kay EW, O'Donovan N, Gallagher WM, Kalachand R, Crown J, Hennessy BT (2016) 'RNA Disruption Assay as a Biomarker of Pathological Complete Response in Neoadjuvant Trastuzumab-Treated Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-Positive Breast Cancer'. Journal of the National Cancer Institute .  
Walsh L, Gallagher WM, O'Connor DP, Ní Chonghaile T. (2016) 'Diagnostic and Therapeutic Implications of Histone Epigenetic Modulators in Breast Cancer'. Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics .  
Grossi M, Morgunova M, Cheung S, Scholz D, Conroy E, Terrile M, Panarella A, Simpson JC, Gallagher WM, O'Shea DF. (2016) 'Lysosome triggered near-infrared fluorescence imaging of cellular trafficking processes in real time'. Nature Communications .  
Foth M, Wouters J, de Chaumont C, Dynoodt P, Gallagher WM. (2016) 'Prognostic and predictive biomarkers in melanoma: an update'. Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics .  
Michaut M, Chin SF, Majewski I, Severson TM, Bismeijer T, de Koning L, Peeters JK, Schouten PC, Rueda OM, Bosma AJ, Tarrant F, Fan Y, He B, Xue Z, Mittempergher L, Kluin RJ, Heijmans J, Snel M, Pereira B, Schlicker A, Provenzano E, Ali HR, Gaber A, O'Hurley G, Lehn S, Muris JJ, Wesseling J, Kay E, Sammut SJ, Bardwell HA, Barbet AS, Bard F, Lecerf C, O'Connor DP, Vis DJ, Benes CH, McDermott U, Garnett MJ, Simon IM, Jirström K, Dubois T, Linn SC, Gallagher WM, Wessels LF, Caldas C, Bernards R. (2016) 'Integration of genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic data identifies two biologically distinct subtypes of invasive lobular breast cancer'. Scientific Reports .  
O'Callaghan DS, Rexhepaj E, Gately K, Coate L, Delaney D, O'Donnell DM, Kay E, O'Connell F, Gallagher WM, O'Byrne KJ. (2015) 'Tumour islet Foxp3+ T-cell infiltration predicts poor outcome in nonsmall cell lung cancer'. European Respiratory Journal .  
Prencipe M, O'Neill A, O'Hurley G, Nguyen LK, Fabre A, Bjartell A, Gallagher WM, Morrissey C, Kay EW, Watson RW. (2015) 'Relationship between serum response factor and androgen receptor in prostate cancer'. Prostate, 75(15) (15):1704-1717.  
O'Brien K, Lowry MC, Corcoran C, Martinez VG, Daly M, Rani S, Gallagher WM,Radomski MW, MacLeod RA, O'Driscoll L (2015) 'miR-134 in extracellular vesicles reduces triple-negative breast cancer aggression and increases drug sensitivity'. Oncotarget, 6 (32):32774-32789.  
Lowry MC, Gallagher WM, O'Driscoll L (2015) 'The Role of Exosomes in Breast Cancer'. Clinical Chemistry .  
Lanigan F, Brien GL, Fan Y, Madden SF, Jerman E, Maratha A, Aloraifi F, Hokamp K, Dunne EJ, Lohan AJ, Flanagan L, Garbe JC, Stampfer MR, Fridberg M, Jirstrom K,Quinn CM, Loftus B, Gallagher WM, Geraghty J, Bracken AP (2015) 'Delineating transcriptional networks of prognostic gene signatures refines treatment recommendations for lymph node-negative breast cancer patients'. FEBS Journal, 282 (18):3455-3473.  
Dr Jana Haase
Schwamborn R, Brown E, Haase J (2016) 'Elevation of cortical serotonin transporter activity upon peripheral immune challenge is regulated independently of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase activation and transporter phosphorylation'. Journal of Neurochemistry, 137 (3):423-435.  
Dr Andrew Irving
Alexander A, Irving AJ, Harvey J. (2016) 'Emerging roles for the novel estrogen-sensing receptor GPER1 in the CNS'. Neuropharmacology .  
Anavi-Goffer S, Irving AJ, Ross RA. (2016) 'Modulation of l-α-lysophosphatidylinositol/GPR55 MAP kinase signalling by CB2 receptor agonists: identifying novel GPR55 inhibitors'. Journal of Basic and Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology .  
Lipina C, Vaanholt LM, Davidova A, Mitchell SE, Storey-Gordon E, Hambly C, Irving AJ, Speakman JR, Hundal HS. (2016) 'CB1 receptor blockade counters age-induced insulin resistance and metabolic dysfunction'. Aging Cell .  
Morales P, Whyte LS, Chicharro R, Gómez-Cañas M, Pazos MR, Goya P, Irving AJ, Fernández-Ruiz J, Ross RA, Jagerovic N. (2016) 'Identification of Novel GPR55 Modulators Using Cell-Impedance-Based Label-Free Technology'. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry .  
Haugh O, Penman J, Irving AJ, Campbell VA. (2016) 'The emerging role of the cannabinoid receptor family in peripheral and neuro-immune interactions'. Current Drug Targets: CNS and Neurological Disorders .  
Yrjölä S, Parkkari T, Navia-Paldanius D, Laitinen T, Kaczor AA, Kokkola T, Adusei-Mensah F, Savinainen JR, Laitinen JT, Poso A, Alexander A, Penman J, Stott L, Anskat M, Irving AJ, Nevalainen TJ. (2016) 'Potent and selective N-(4-sulfamoylphenyl)thiourea-based GPR55 agonists'. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry .  
Dr Claudine Kearney
Kearney, C. and Meynhardt, T. (2016) 'Directing Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategy in the Public Sector to Public Value - Antecedents, Components and Outcomes'. International Public Management Journal .  
Assoc Professor Breandán Kennedy
Conor Daly, Jun Yin, Breandán N Kennedy (2016) 'Histone Deacetylase: Therapeutic Targets in Retinal Degeneration'. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, :455-461.  
Galvin O, Srivastava A, Carroll O, Kulkarni R, Dykes S, Vickers S, Dickinson K, Reynolds AL, Kilty C, Redmond G, Jones R, Cheetham S, Pandit A, Kennedy BN. (2016) 'A sustained release formulation of novel quininib-hyaluronan microneedles inhibits angiogenesis and retinal vascular permeability in vivo'. Journal of Controlled Release .  
Sulaiman RS, Merrigan S, Quigley J, Qi X, Lee B, Boulton ME, Kennedy B, Seo SY, Corson TW. (2016) 'A novel small molecule ameliorates ocular neovascularisation and synergises with anti-VEGF therapy'. Scientific Reports .  
Reynolds AL, Alvarez Y, Sasore T, Waghorne N, Butler CT, Kilty C, Smith AJ, McVicar C, Wong VH, Galvin O, Merrigan S, Osman J, Grebnev G, Sjölander A, Stitt AW, Kennedy BN (2016) 'Phenotype-based Discovery of 2-[(E)-2-(Quinolin-2-yl)vinyl]phenol as a Novel Regulator of Ocular Angiogenesis'. Journal of Biological Chemistry .  
Assoc Professor Patricia Maguire
Egan K Dillon A Dunne E Kevane B Galvin Z Maguire P Kenny D Stewart S Ainle FN (2016) 'Increased soluble GPVI levels in cirrhosis: evidence for early in vivo platelet activation'. Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis .  
Dr Eugene Mahon
Hristov DR, Mahon E, Dawson KA (2015) 'Controlling aqueous silica nanoparticle synthesis in the 10-100 nm range'. Chemical Communications .  
Mahon E, Barboiu M (2015) 'Synthetic multivalency for biological applications'. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 13 (43):10590-10599.  
Hristov DR, Mahon E Dawson KA (2015) 'Controlling aqueous silica nanoparticle synthesis in the 10-100 nm range'. Chemical Communications .  
Professor Jonathan Malthouse
Cleary, JA and Malthouse, JPG (2016) 'A new Lysine derived glyoxal inhibitor of trypsin, its properties and utilization for studying the Stabilization of Tetrahedral adducts by Trypsin'. Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports, 5 :272-284.  
Assoc Professor Gethin McBean
McBean, G.J., López, M.G. and Wallner, F.K. (2016) 'Redox-based therapeutics in neurodegenerative disease'. British Journal of Pharmacology .  
Orbán, C., Pérez-García, E., Bajnok, A., McBean, G., Toldi, G. and Blanco-Fernandez, A. (2016) 'Real time kinetic flow cytometry measurements of cellular parameter changes evoked by nanosecond pulsed electric field'. Cytometry Part A .  
Vilhardt, F., Haslund-Vinding, J., Jaquet, V., McBean, G. (2016) 'Microglia antioxidant systems and redox signaling'. British Journal of Pharmacology, epub ahead of print .  
Haslund-Vinding, J., McBean, G., Jaquet, V., Vilhardt, F. (2016) 'NADPH oxidases in microglia oxidant production: activating receptors, pharmacology and association with disease'. British Journal of Pharmacology, epub ahead of print .  
Dr Margaret McGee
Casey JP, Brennan K Scheidel N McGettigan P Lavin PT Carter S Ennis S Dorkins H Ghali N Blacque O Mc Gee MM Murphy H Lynch SA (2016) 'Recessive NEK9 mutation causes a lethal skeletal dysplasia with evidence of cell cycle and ciliary defects'. Human Molecular Genetics .  
Dr Hilary McMahon
O'Sullivan J and McMahon HE (2016) 'Development of a heat mediated protein blotting method'. Analytical Biochemistry, 15 (499):66-70.  
Assoc Professor Tara McMorrow
Sumayao R, McEvoy B, Newsholme P, McMorrow T. (2016) 'Lysosomal cystine accumulation promotes mitochondrial depolarization and induction of redox-sensitive genes in human kidney proximal tubular cells'. Journal of Physiology, 594 (12):3353-3370.  
Bennett J, Cassidy H, Slattery C, Ryan MP, McMorrow T. (2016) 'Tacrolimus Modulates TGF-β Signaling to Induce Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Human Renal Proximal Tubule Epithelial Cells'. Clinical Medicine, 5 (5):50-58.  
Herwig R, Gmuender H, Corvi R, Bloch KM, Brandenburg A, Castell J, Ceelen L, Chesne C, Doktorova TY, Jennen D, Jennings P, Limonciel A, Lock EA, McMorrow T, Phrakonkham P, Radford R, Slattery C, Stierum R, Vilardell M, Wittenberger T, Yildirimman R, Ryan M, Rogiers V, Kleinjans J. (2015) 'Inter-laboratory study of human in vitro toxicogenomics-based tests as alternative methods for evaluating chemical carcinogenicity: a bioinformatics perspective'. Archives of Toxicology, 2 .  
McEvoy B, Sumayao R, Slattery C, McMorrow T, Newsholme P (2015) 'Cystine accumulation attenuates insulin release from the pancreatic β-cell due to elevated oxidative stress and decreased ATP levels'. Journal of Physiology, 593 (23):5167-5182.  
Cassidy H, Slyne J, O'Kelly P, Traynor C, Conlon PJ, Johnston O, Slattery C, Ryan MP, McMorrow T (2015) 'Urinary biomarkers of chronic allograft nephropathy'. Proteomics - Clinical Applications, 9 (5-6):574-585.  
Professor Wim Meijer
Bedri, Z Corkery, A O'Sullivan, JJ Deering, LA Demeter, K Meijer, WG O'Hare, G Masterson, B (2016) 'Evaluating a microbial water quality prediction model for beach management under the revised EU Bathing Water Directive'. Environmental Management, 167 :49-58.  
Foley, C Chapwanya, A Callanan, JJ Whiston, R Miranda-CasoLuengo, R Lu, J Meijer, WG Cormican, P Lynn, DJ O'Farrelly, C Meade, KG (2015) 'Integrated analysis of the local and systemic changes preceeding the development of post-partum cytological endometritis'. BMC Genomics, 16 :811. Available Online  
Dr Raul Miranda Caso Luengo
Foley, C Chapwanya, A Callanan, JJ Whiston, R Miranda-CasoLuengo, R Lu, J Meijer, WG Cormican, P Lynn, DJ O'Farrelly, C Meade, KG (2015) 'Integrated analysis of the local and systemic changes preceeding the development of post-partum cytological endometritis'. BMC Genomics, 16 :811. Available Online  
Dr Jennifer Mitchell
Kathleen Budd, Jennifer Mitchell, Orla Keane (2016) 'Lineage associated expression of virulence traits in bovine-adapted Staphylococcus aureus'. Veterinary Microbiology, 189 :24-31.  
Assoc Professor Cormac Declan Murphy
Palmer-Brown, W Dunne, B Ortin, Y Fox, M Sandford, G Murphy, CD (2016) 'Biotransformation of fluorophenyl pyridine carboxylic acids by the model fungus Cunninghamella elegans'. Xenobiotica .  
Hampton, A Mikulski, L Palmer-Brown, W Murphy, C Sandford, G (2016) 'Evaluation of fluorinated biphenyl ether pro-drug scaffolds employing the chemical-microbial approach'. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 26 :255-258.  
Murphy, C (2016) 'Microbial degradation of fluorinated drugs: biochemical pathways, impacts on the environment and potential applications'. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 100 :2617-2627.  
Sweeney, P Murphy, CD Caffrey, P (2016) 'Exploiting the genome sequence of Streptomyces nodosus for enhanced antibiotic production'. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 100 :1285-1295.  
Sweeney, J Murphy, CD McDonnell, K (2015) 'Towards an effective biosensor for monitoring AD leachate: a knockout E. coli mutant that cannot catabolise lactate'. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 99 (23):10209-10214.  
Assoc Professor Keith Murphy
Cavadas MA, Mesnieres M Crifo B Manresa MC Selfridge AC Keogh CE Fabian Z Scholz CC Nolan KA Rocha LM Tambuwala MM Brown S Wdowicz A Corbett D Murphy KJ Godson C Cummins EP Taylor CT Cheong A (2016) 'REST is a hypoxia-responsive transcriptional repressor'. Scientific Reports, 6 .  
Dr David O'Connell
Herling TW, O'Connell DJ, Bauer MC, Persson J, Weininger U, Knowles TP, Linse S. (2016) 'A Microfluidic Platform for Real-Time Detection and Quantification of Protein-Ligand Interactions'. Biophysical Journal, 110 (9):1957-1966.  
Dunning CJ, McGauran G, Willén K, Gouras GK, O'Connell DJ, Linse S. (2016) 'Direct High Affinity Interaction between Aβ42 and GSK3α Stimulates Hyperphosphorylation of Tau. A New Molecular Link in Alzheimer's Disease?'. ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 7 (2):161-170.  
Brien GL, Healy E, Jerman E, Conway E, Fadda E, O'Donovan D, Krivtsov AV, Rice AM, Kearney CJ, Flaus A, McDade SS, Martin SJ, McLysaght A, O'Connell DJ, Armstrong SA, Bracken AP (2015) 'A chromatin-independent role of Polycomb-like 1 to stabilize p53 and promote cellular quiescence'. Genes and Development, 29 (21):2231-2243.  
Assoc Professor John O'Connor
Fanning, R.A., Sheehan, F., Leyden, C., Duffy, N., Carey, M.F., Campion D.P., O'Connor, J.J. (2016) 'A role for adrenergic receptors in the uterotonic effects of ergometrine in isolated human term non-laboring myometrium'. Anesthesia and Analgesia .  
Goutier W, Lowry, JP, McCreary AC O'Connor JJ, (2016) 'Frequency-dependent modulation of dopamine release by nicotine and dopamine D1 ligands: an in vitro fast cyclic voltammetry study in rat striatum'. Neurochemical Research .  
Mukandala, G, Tynan R, Lanigan, S, O'Connor JJ. (2016) 'The effects of hypoxia and inflammation on synaptic function in the CNS'. Brain Sciences, 6 (6):1-14.  
Dr Niamh O'Sullivan
Fowler P, O'Sullivan NC (2016) 'ER-shaping proteins are required for ER and mitochondrial network organisation in motor neurons'. Human Molecular Genetics . Available Online  
Dr Antoinette Perry
Foley, R.W., Gorman, L.V., Sharifi, N., Lundon, D.J., Murphy, K., Moore, H., Tuzova, A., Perry, A., Murphy, T.B. and Watson, R.W.G. (2016) 'Improving Multivariable Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment Using The Prostate Health Index'. BJU International, 117 (3):409-417.  
Perry AS, Baird AM Gray SG (2015) 'Epigenetic Methodologies for the Study of Celiac Disease'. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 1326 :131-158.  
Dr Nora Rauch
Jambrina PG, Rauch N Pilkington R Rybakova K Nguyen LK Kholodenko BN Buchete NV Kolch W Rosta E (2015) 'Phosphorylation of RAF Kinase Dimers Drives Conformational Changes that Facilitate Transactivation'. Angewandte Chemie International Edition .  
Dr Emmanuel Reynaud
Gutierrez-Heredia L., Murphy E. Benzoni F. and Reynaud E.G. (2016) 'End to end digitisation and analysis of three-dimensional coral models, from communities to corallites'. PLoS ONE .  
Doyle H., Callaghan E. and Reynaud E.G. (2016) 'Glass Invertebrate Blaschka models in Ireland Institutions'. Journal of the History of Collections .  
Choi S.Y., Habimana O., Flood P., Reynaud E.G., Rodriguez B.J., Zhang N., Casey E., and Gilchrist M.D. (2016) 'Adhesive response of Pseudomonas fluorescens bacterial cells and MDCK mammalian cells to injection molded polymer surfaces of varying roughness'. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 145 :46-54.  
Flood P., Alvarez L., and Reynaud E.G. (2016) 'Free-floating epithelial micro-tissue arrays: A low cost and versatile technique'. Biofabrication .  
Assoc Professor Peadar Ó Gaora
Forde N, Maillo V ¿¿ Gaora P Simintiras CA Sturmey RG Ealy AD Spencer TE Gutierrez-Adan A Rizos D Lonergan P (2016) 'Sexually Dimorphic Gene Expression in Bovine Conceptuses at the Initiation of Implantation'. Biology of Reproduction .  
Vare¿¿lija D, McBryan J Fagan A Redmond AM Hao Y Sims AH Turnbull A Dixon JM Gaora P Hudson L Purcell S Hill AD Young LS (2016) 'Adaptation to AI Therapy in Breast Cancer Can Induce Dynamic Alterations in ER Activity Resulting in Estrogen-Independent Metastatic Tumors'. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, 22 (11):2765-2777.  
Maillo V, de Frutos C O'Gaora P Forde N Burns GW Spencer TE Gutierrez-Adan A Lonergan P Rizos D (2016) 'Spatial differences in gene expression in the bovine oviduct'. Reproduction, 152 (1):37-46.  
Kazezian Z, Gawri R Haglund L Ouellet J Mwale F Tarrant F O'Gaora P Pandit A Alini M Grad S (2015) 'Gene Expression Profiling Identifies Interferon Signalling Molecules and IGFBP3 in Human Degenerative Annulus Fibrosus'. Scientific Reports, 5 .  
Ali A, Creevey L Hao Y McCartan D O'Gaora P Hill A Young L McIlroy M (2015) 'Prosaposin activates the androgen receptor and potentiates resistance to endocrine treatment in breast cancer'. Breast cancer research : BCR, 17 .  

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Other Journals

Assoc Professor Breandán Kennedy
BN Kennedy, L Shine, T Heffernan, E Dillon, G Cagney, C Daly (2016) 'Pharmacological Restoration of Visual Function in a Blind Zebrafish Mutant Following Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor (HDACi) Treatment' pA2 Online, 13 (3):222P.Available Online  

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Conference Publications

Assoc Professor Caroline Herron
Matthews, P., Herron, C.E., Brown, J., Randall., A.R. (2016) Investigating signatures of hypersynchronous neural activity produced by diverse convulsant molecules in 4 days post fertilization zebra fish . In: Journal of Physiology eds. Joint meting of the American physiological Society and the Physiological Society (UK), PCB234  

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Other Publications

Assoc Professor Tara McMorrow
McBride C, McMorrow T, McIntosh J (2016) Is your chocolate Easter egg good or bad for you?. Newspaper Articles.  
Assoc Professor John O'Connor
Lanigan S & O'Connor JJ. (2015) The effect of hypoxia and the hypoxia mimetic protocatechuic acid ethyl ester (EDHB) on synaptic transmission and plasticity in the rat dentate gyrus. Published abstracts.  
Dr Emmanuel Reynaud
Gutierrez-Heredia L., Keogh C., Keaveney S. and E.G.Reynaud, (2016) 3D printing solutions for coral studies, education and monitoring. Reviews.  
Lowenstein W., Reynaud E.G., Nefau T., Couteron J.-P. and Duplessy C. (2016) Le volume mort des seringues n'est pas l'ennemi du filtre de vie !. Invited papers. Available Online  
Röttinger E., Amiel A.R., Le Bescot N., Gutierrez-Heredia L., Flood P. and E.G. Reynaud. (2016) Dreaming of a digital ocean. England: Invited papers.  
Flood P., Page H and E.G.Reynaud (2016) Using hydrogels in microscopy: a tutorial. Reviews.  

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