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Radomir Ivanov PT

Radomir Ivanov

Radomir is a qualified nutritionist, health coach and Personal Trainer making him the perfect choice for those looking to transform their physique.  Radomir is approachable and understanding of each client's unique needs.  He creates personalised fitness programs that are challenging, safe, and enjoyable.  His qualifications in nutrition give him a unique ability to guide & steer his clients to the physique they desire.

Contact Radomir at (opens in a new window)radomir.ivanov@ucd.ie

Andrea Finamore 2

Andrea Finamore

Andrea is a Pilates-based Personal Trainer, Nutritional Adviser, and Health Coach.

Andrea is fully prepared and equipped to make a positive impact on the health and performance of those he works with. 

Through sustainable changes and better lifestyle choices, Andrea is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals. 

Get ready to embark on a journey towards a healthier version of yourself.

Contact Andrea at (opens in a new window)andrea.finamore@ucd.ie

Stephen Fraher PT

Stephen Fraher

Stephen has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, working as a swimming coach before moving into Personal Training.

Stephen specialises in creating time-efficient gym programmes that busy people can fit into their packed schedules.

Contact Stephen at (opens in a new window)stephen.fraher@ucd.ie

Soufi Kaudur

Soufi Kaudur

Soufi is a Personal Trainer and Strength &  Conditioning coach. He has over 4 years of experience training clients with a variety of goals,  from body composition to athletic performance.  Using his in-depth knowledge and broad experience to effectively achieve results,  Soufi is passionate about keeping his clients motivated throughout their fitness journey.

Contact Soufi at (opens in a new window)soufi.kaudur@ucd.ie

Jelena Vilminska PT

Jelena Vilminska

Lena has been a leading fitness trainer for more than a decade. She has a huge passion for helping her clients achieve their mobility and flexibility goals. Her thirst for knowledge brought her to India in 2022 where she amassed over 200 hours of intensive Yoga training. Lena also has 3 years of lecturing experience teaching budding fitness professionals. 

Lena's clients, diverse in age and fitness levels love her approachable demeanor and encouraging attitude. 

Contact Lena at (opens in a new window)lena.vilminska@ucd.ie

Ireland's Best Personal Training Experience

Discover the benefits of one-to-one or small-group Personal Training at UCD Sport & Fitness. Sessions may be purchased below. If you have any questions regarding packages please email us at (opens in a new window)gym@ucd.ie

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