Parent/Guardian -Covid-19 Declaration


I declare, as Parent/Guardian, that I will be fully briefed on my child’s health status and should their personal health circumstance change, I undertake that they will not attend Multi Sport Camp / UCD Hockey Youth Academy. 


In addition, should my child experience any of the following, he/she will not attend Multi Sport Camp / UCD Hockey Youth Academy:


1) Experienced any or all of the common symptoms associated with Covid

19 (Coronavirus) namely:

     a) Cough (usually a dry cough, but not always).

     b) Fever over 38℃elsius.

     c) Shortness of breath.

     d) Breathing difficulties.

2) Returned from any Covid 19 (Coronavirus) hotspots

3) Been in contact with, or in the immediate vicinity of any person subsequently displaying Covid 19 (Coronavirus) symptoms (confirmed or not). This includes any members of your household. 

4) Been advised by a Doctor to self-isolate or cocoon.

5) Are awaiting Covid 19 (Coronavirus) test results.


If my child has had covid 19, I undertake that they will not attend Multi Sport Camp / UCD Hockey Youth Academy until their doctor has permitted them to takepart in rigorous physical activity. 


I declare,  as Parent/Guardian, I have read the following Covid-19 Guidance documents and both I and my child are familiar with them :


Covid-19 Stay Safe Poster

How to Hand Rub Poster

Covid-19 Hand Washing Poster