UCD Sport Facilities Rules

Facility Rules


  • The opening hours of UCD Sport Facilities (the “Facility / Facilities”) are determined by Management and may be subject to change. Notice will be provided of any change within the Sports Facilities and on social media.
  • Cars are only permitted to park in the campus car-park areas, within the designated parking areas. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Children under the age of 17 are not allowed in the Facility without appropriate adult supervision.
  • The use of recording devices is prohibited in the entire complex, unless prior approval has been granted by Management.
  • The Facility Management will endeavour to ensure that all facilities, apparatus and equipment are maintained in working order but accept no responsibility to the users for failure or breakdown of any equipment or apparatus however caused. We also reserve the right to close any facilities for essential maintenance, training or any other unforeseen circumstance for which such action is required
  • All facility property must remain within the Facility.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the Facility, with the exception of water and sports drinks.
  • No animals shall be permitted to any part of the Facility, save guide-dogs in service or in training
  • Evacuation routes must be kept clear at all times. Emergency equipment must not be tampered with. In case of evacuation, evacuation signs and staff instructions must be followed.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the Facility building, near entrances to the Facility or in any area within 10 meters of the Facility building.
  • Users shall not, while suffering from an infectious disease, enter or use the Facility, nor shall any person be admitted to the Facility when, in the opinion of Management, in an unclean state or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • It is the users’ responsibility to take all relevant medical and professional advice to ensure their safety, to verify fitness and to confirm suitability for their use of the Facility. The Management and staff shall not be liable nor shall they accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage howsoever sustained by any user, whether direct or indirect and including consequential losses arising out of any of the activities in the Facility or in any way whatsoever, which does not directly arise from any grossly negligent act or omission of the Management or employees.
  • All persons engaged in sporting activities at UCD Sport Facilities do so at their own risk and accept the inherent risks that are associated with their sport. UCD and its agents accept no liability for any losses or injuries incurred when engaged in sporting activities. Persons engaged in sporting activities which have a risk of personal injury are advised to have in place suitable personal accident or health insurance.
  • Any accidents or incidents shall be reported to the Facility Duty Manager immediately. The emergency contact number for reception is 01 716 2121
  • No person shall be admitted into the Facility without wearing the appropriate attire (including footwear) for that activity or as directed by the Management.
  • There shall be no changing in any place other than the designated changing rooms.
  • It is compulsory for all users to use the lockers provided. All lockers will be emptied at closing time; they are not for overnight use.
  • UCD Sport will not be responsible for any private property that may be damaged, lost or stolen on the premises. Lost property is kept for a maximum of two weeks.
  • Users wearing football boots / cycling cleats must only enter/exit the rear-door at the National Hockey Stadium.
  • Users cannot wear football boots / cycling cleats throughout the building, football boots must be removed unless they are exiting/entering the building.
  • Consideration of facility hire applications are at the discretion of UCD Sport Facilities.
  • Access to the Facility is limited to the areas required for the intended activity.
  • Individuals/Groups are not permitted to access Facility areas outside those areas booked for use.
  • Any customer seeking to include advertising of any type on any of the facility fixtures and fittings should engage with the UCD Sports Facilities staff prior to the beginning of the booking and only through consultation and by agreement with the staff may advertising/branding be permitted on the facility.
  • Active UCD Students and UCD Staff may avail of discounted rates, and are required to bring their current UCD Student Card / UCD Staff Card to any bookings made and may be subject to enquiries from staff for proof of this card.
  • To avail of a student/staff rate on the following activities Squash, Tennis, 5-a-side, 7-a-side, 11-a-side or Handball/ Racquetball the customer must be an active student/staff member and more than half of the participants in the group must be active student/staff members. They are required to bring their current UCD Student Card / UCD Staff Card to any bookings made and may be subject to enquiries from staff for proof of this card.
  • Charity Events may avail of 50% discount on pricing for whichever sport facility is booked once they provide us with a letter from registered charity (containing their registration number ) detailing the event and addressed to the event society/organiser evidencing the event and detailing that such/certain proceeds from event will be contributed towards charity.
  • Under no circumstances can subletting from the initial customer who purchases a facility booking occur. In any instance of a sports facility booking, the customer who is the named customer as per booking information requirement is the responsible customer at all times on the premises, at no point can they invite and hire to another third party that UCD Sports Facilities staff are not contracted to.
  • For cancellations, please contact UCD Sport Facilities in order to cancel individual bookings. A full refund will be provided if at least 48 hours’ notice of the cancellation is provided.  After this time any cancellation will not be refunded and the payment will be forfeited.
  • Course cancellations will be subject to specific course Terms and Conditions.
  • Users shall not conduct themselves in a disorderly fashion, disturb or interrupt any other persons in their proper use of the Facility or interfere with the Management and staff in the proper execution of their duties.
  • No person shall commit any nuisance on any part of the Facility.
  • Users of the Facility shall not at any time carelessly or negligently break or improperly interfere with any of the equipment, furniture or chattels in the Facility. Individuals who wilfully or negligently cause damage to the Facility or equipment will be held liable for the cost of repair. Any alteration to Facility equipment may only be made with permission from Management and then only under the understanding that all will be put back to its original location and format by the user.
  • Users shall not use any indecent or offensive language or behave in an improper manner towards any other facility user or staff member
  • Individuals or groups using the facilities must respect the start and finish times of their bookings. Any disputes or incidents should immediately be reported to the Duty Manager whose decision will be final. If requested by a Duty Manger to leave the facilities a group or individual must comply with the request.
  • Breach of the Facility rules or disorderly, rude or offensive behaviour may result in ejection from the premises. Any dispute will be taken up with the manager, whose decision will be final.
  • All users must be out of the showers 15 minutes before closing times and must have exited the premises by closing time.
  • Users shall not, before or after using the Facility, loiter or remain without a reasonable excuse, on the premises or on UCD grounds.


Climbing Wall

  • All users are required to check-in at the main reception;
    • Tell them you intend to climb
    • Sign the Sign-in sheet at reception
    • Always carry UCD Climbing Wall membership cards at the wall. Staff will carry out inspections, please co-operate to ensure the safety of the wall.
    • There is only NON-ROPE climbing allowed at two designated areas which can be demonstrate by UCD Sport Facilities Staff


The Bouldering Area, rules apply:

  • Do not wear a harness or climbing gear when bouldering
  • Only one person may climb on (1) the barrel section and (2) the incline section at any given time
  • Only the climber and spotter (if present), allowed on the crash mats when climbing is taking place
  • Descend by climbing down where possible
  • No climbing above or below another climber
  • No resting or observing from the crash mats

 Traversing under the blue line, from route A to M, the following rules apply

  • All climbing equipment must be safe and in good condition.
  • Practice safe climbing, unsafe behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Respect other climbers and belayers at the wall, it is a shared facility.
  • All climbing Groups are required to book in advance of visit to ensure the wall is available.
  • All climbing Groups are required to complete a “Group Climbing Form” before the session begins.


Group Bookings

  • The group organiser is fully responsible for the transport of the members of the group booking to and from the Facility.
  • The group shall, upon entry to the Facility, register with reception before entering the changing facilities or booked areas.
  • The group shall, whilst waiting on the premises, remain only in such portion of the premises as Management indicates.
  • Children (under 17 years of age) must be under adult supervision for the duration of the time on the premises.
  • All groups must enter and exit the Facility in an orderly fashion.
  • All external groups using the sport facilities in UCD will be required to provide a copy of their Public Liability insurance to UCD Sport Facilities. UCD Sport Facilities will hold on to a copy of the insurance details for as long as they remain valid. Once the insurance policy has expired a new insurance policy will need to be provided. We may request your insurance policy again if additional bookings are made.  All copies of insurance should be sent to sportfacilities@ucd.ie.
    • A proof of insurance will need to be provided by any school, college, company or organisation booking a pitch or any other facility or a 6 month booking that a company is organising.
  • If a need to cancel a booking arises on a once-off basis, the group must give 7 working days’ written notice by email requesting the cancelation. If 7 working days’ notice is given, the Company shall try to accommodate them with a new time or provide a refund. If the request is received less than 7 working days, prior, the group is liable for full payment.


Better Bones   / Better Hearts Courses

  • Entrances to all courses operate on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Payment must be made in full and in advance to secure a place on one of the courses.
  • All participants are required to disclose any health impediment(s) that would be relevant to participating in the course.
  • All participants are required to complete a “Health Screening” visit before the course commences.
  • If a participant is required to cancel their booking due to medical reasons/ or assessed as unsuitable to begin the course, then a full refund will be provided.
  • If a participant is required to cancel their booking due to medical reasons/ or assessed as unsuitable part-way through the course, a partial refund will be provided for the remaining classes not attended.
  • Dates, times and location of the classes may be changed, as much warning as possible will be provided to all participants.


5-A-Side Artificial Pitches

  • If the pitches are unplayable UCD Sport Facilities reserves the right to close the pitches. If this happens every effort will be made to contact the groups directly. Please ensure we have up to date contact details to allow us to contact you as soon as this may arise.
  • Termination of 5-a-side 6 monthly booking:
  • Early Termination: the user acknowledges and agrees that all obligations on the part of the user shall be performed and observed at all times during the booking arrangement period failing which UCD Sport Facilities shall be at liberty to serve reasonable notice on the user termination this agreement forthwith;
  • Termination due to Breach: UCD Sport Facilities shall have the right to terminate the booking arrangement immediately in the event of any breach by the user of any health and safety regulation or environment regulation; any requirement of any local, fire or other authority or the HSE which UCD Sport Facilities shall be unable or unwilling to accommodate;
  • Either part may terminate the arrangement by not less than one month prior notice in writing to the other to expire on any day.
  • The hirer agrees to leave the facility in a similar state to which it was found. Any maintenance issues should be reported to the manager on duty or email sportfacilities@ucd.ie
  • Health and Safety: In the event of an emergency a member of UCD Sport Facilities staff should be informed immediately in person or by phoning UCD Sport Emergency Number on 01 716 2121. Clear details of the nature of the incident and its location should be given. Please note that first aid equipment is located at UCD Sport Facilities reception desk and two defibrillators are freely available in the main building, one at the front reception and one at the rear door.
  • Parking: Only park in designated areas. For further information regarding parking at UCD please see:  http://ucdestates.ie/commuting/getting-here/driving/parking/parking-for-visitors/
  • Changing Rooms: UCD Sport Facilities is not responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property. Should you require a group changing room, please go to the UCD Sport Facilities desk for assistance.  There are public changing rooms which can be used.



Booking Terms & Conditions

Please note the following Terms & Conditions for Online Bookings made through the Sportsbooker Website for users of UCD Sport facilities, services and courses.

Bookings can be made online and this facility is available to members of the public, active UCD Students and active UCD Staff. Bookings made in-person, over the phone or online will be confirmed via email and are subject to email confirmation. All bookings may only be made by persons over the age of 18.

By registering for and using our online bookings system you agree to abide by these terms and conditions;

  • You must register before using the online booking system by completing the online registration process. You will need to supply the following details; first name, surname, contact telephone number and a valid e-mail address. (Other facilities/services/courses will require further details). You will also need to create your own secure password.
  • Active UCD Students and active UCD staff may avail of discounted rates. Customers who wish to avail of these rates will be required to present appropriate valid UCD Student card/UCD staff card at the front desk to UCD Sport Facilities staff. Once staff are satisfied with the card provided the customer’s status will be validated. UCD Sport Staff will update/create a Sportsbooker account which will permit bookings at the agreed discounted rate. UCD Students and UCD Staff will be required to bring their UCD Student card/ Staff Card to any bookings made and may be subject to enquiries from staff for proof of this card. Refunds will not be provided for previous bookings made before the UCD Student/UCD Staff status is verified.
  • Online bookings can be made (subject to availability) from a maximum of up to 3 weeks in advance of the booking date to a minimum of  1 hour in advance of the activity.

Bookings made in person can be made from a maximum of up to 3 weeks in advance of the booking date to the start of the activity (subject to availability). These are casual usage bookings,

Bookings for courses can be made (subject to availability) in advance, the dates for booking in advance a specific course will be determined on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Bookings made online must be paid online before they are confirmed. Purchases placed in your basket without the transaction being completed (unconfirmed bookings) will not be considered complete unless they are paid for using a credit or debit card. Failure to present the confirmation of booking email on the day of booking to a member of staff may result in entry being denied. All users are obliged to check in with the reception desk before continuing on to their activity.  
  • User cannot make bookings on behalf of other users, and bookings are strictly non-transferable.
  • UCD Sport Facilities Management reserve the right to amend or cancel any booking for operational reasons.
  • All bookings must comply with the facility rules. A copy of the full facility rules and regulations is available on request. 
  • All data collected by UCD Sport Facilities will be collected in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and processed in accordance with  UCD Data Protection Policy http://www.ucd.ie/gdpr/policiesprocedures/


All rules are subject to change by UCD Sport Facilities. The non-enforcement of any of the Rules is not a waiver of the Rules and shall not prejudice UCD Sports Facilites taking any subsequent action. 

Facility Rules and Terms and Conditions for Online Booking V1.4