The writing session works best if you bring a piece of your writing – even if it’s just a draft, an introduction or bullet points. If you don’t bring in your writing, the session will be more general.
If you’ve been in UCD for more than one term, we advise that you bring a copy of a graded piece of writing so you can explain any issues you have to your tutor by referring to that piece of work. If you got any feedback on it, it would be useful for the tutor to see it.
We will read your work from your laptop (not from your phone or tablet) but we do prefer it if you bring a hard copy of your work (or two copies, one for you and one for the tutor). This way it's easier to read your paper and you/we can underline, highlight, or write comments in the margins.
If you still haven't started writing, then just call in anyway and the tutor will talk to you about planning and getting started.
You can also bring a set of essay titles/writing assignments that you’re working on. Please bring in any guidelines that you were given by your tutor or lecturer, so the writing tutor can fully understand the requirements of your assignment.
A writing session can go by very fast, so we advise you to come prepared, with your notes and questions ready.