Palawan Island Prehistory Project, Philippines

Principal Investigators:
Dr. Helen Lewis (UCD Archaeology)
Dr. Victor Paz (UP Diliman ASP)
Mr. Wilfredo Ronquillo (National Museum of the Philippines)
Dr Peter Lape (U of Washington, Anthropology)


The PIPP was established to investigate the archaeology of prehistoric landscapes in various parts of Palawan Island, SW Philippines, location of Tabon Cave, site of some of the earliest human remains in the region. The project currently involves excavations at an important cemetery and early occupation site, Ille Cave, landscape survey for environmental archaeology, and new investigations at caves on the island of Imorige. Fieldwork takes place from late March-mid June; post-excavation studies take place year-round in Manila, Dublin, Paris and Singapore. The project also offers opportunities to access the collections of the National Museum of the Philippines and the resources of the University of the Philippines.

Funded By: 
British Academy, BA CSEAS, Evans FundSolheim Foundation for Philippine Archaeology, Rio Tuba, Coral Bay Nickel Mines, Nerc OradsHenry Luce Foundation, PetroEnergy, The Philodrill Corporation