Staff Research

All members of staff at UCD School of Art HIstory & Cultural Policy are actively involved in research and publishing of the highest international standards.

Pat Cooke, MA, MBA;
Research Interests: Cultural policy and management within the cultural sector.

Dr Philip Cottrell, MA, PhD (St Andrew’s);
Research Interests: sixteenth-century Venetian painting; the Milanese followers of Leonardo da Vinci; seventeenth-century English tomb sculpture. Recent and forthcoming publications include articles on the market for Venetian art at the court of Philip II of Spain, and John Donne's funerary monument at St Paul's Cathedral, London.

Dr Nicola Figgis, MA, PhD (NUI);
Research Interests: Irish seventeenth to nineteenth century painting: portraiture, patronage and collections of paintings; the Grand Tour patrons and painters.

Professor Kathleen James-Chakraborty, MA, PhD (UPenn);
Research Interests: architectural history around the world since 1800; the relationship between modernism, modernity, and nationalism.

Dr Róisín Kennedy, MLitt (Edin), PhD (NUI);
Research Interests: Modernist and contemporary art; Irish art and art institutions 1880 to present; nationalism, censorship and the public and critical reception of art.

Dr John Loughman, MA, PhD (Lond);
Research Interests: History & Visual Culture of the Low Countries in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; printmaking.

Dr Conor Lucey, MA, PhD (NUI); 
Research Interests: Domestic architecture in eighteenth-century Ireland, Britain and North America; architectural ornament and decoration; design and the decorative interior in Europe 1600-1840.

Dr Emily Mark-FitzGerald, MA (Indiana University), PhD (NUI);
Research Interests: modern and contemporary international and Irish art; public art and monuments; memory, identity and representation; museums, exhibition practice and arts/cultural policy.

Dr Lynda Mulvin, MArchSc (Cons) (KU Louvain), PhD (Dub);
Research Interests: Greek and Roman art and architecture; Medieval Art and Architecture; nineteenth-century art and architecture; conservation of archaeological sites and historic buildings.