Centre for Canadian Studies - Modules

Craig Dobbin Professor Modules:

Semester 2 2018-19: ENG10190 Introduction to Canadian Studies

Module Description:

Canadian Studies began in the 1960s as an interdisciplinary approach to the study of this massive, but thinly populated North American country. This module is designed to introduce students to the history, culture, geography and conflicts of Canada. We will be looking at key texts that highlight pivotal moments in the ongoing emergence of this former French and British colony into a postcolonial present. Alongside politics and history, we will also consider music, film, drama, and visual art alongside Instagram poets, Youtube channels, and twitter feeds.

 Semester 2 2018-19: ENG31840  Conflicts in Canadian Literature

Module Description:

This course tracks the development of Canadian literature into the 21st Century by examining a series of key conflicts in Canadian society through literary texts. During this period, Canadian writing notably transformed from prudish, colonial, and ‘behind-the-curve’ to engaged, original, and shockingly prescient. We will be looking at how a diverse array of texts, including novels, short fiction, poetry, dub poetry, and essays, and a diverse array of authors write about contemporary conflicts, including environmental crises, decolonization/racism, and the implications of technology.

 Required Texts:

Abel, Jordan. Injun. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2016.

Atwood, Margaret. Oryx and Crake. Toronto: Vintage Canada, 2003.

Bök, Christian. The Xenotext: Book 1. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2017.

Chariandry,  David. Brother. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2017.