2012 Dublin James Joyce Journal (Volume 5: December 2012)

Adrian Hardiman: Joyce, Wyrley and the Necessity of Judicious Doubt

Fritz Senn: Coincidental Joyce

Liam Lanigan: ‘Becalmed in Short Circuit’: Joyce, Modernism and the Tram

Matthew Hayward: The bloom of Advertising: Joyce’s ‘Notes on Business and Commerce’ and Ulysses

Vincent Deane: Joyce, Moranism and the Opal Hush Poets

Christine O’Neill: ‘A Faint Mortal Odour’: The Elusive World of Smell in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Robert Spoo: Samuel Roth: Discourteous Reprinter

Vivien Igoe: ‘Spot the Winner’Again: Another Horse in Ulysses


UCD James Joyce Research Centre Events 2012:

James Fraser: The Fifth Annual UCD James Joyce Research Colloquium: 19–21 April 2012

Camilla Mount: Joyce, Dublin and Environs: XXIII International James Joyce Symposium TCD and UCD: 10-16 June 2012

Programme of Events

Alphabetical List of Symposium Delegates