Dublin James Joyce Summer School 2009

Dublin James Joyce Summer School 5-12 July 2009


Monday 6 July

9.30-10.45       Professor Anne Fogarty (University College Dublin)

Inventing Dublin: Reading the City in Dubliners

11.15-12.30     Dr Scarlett Baron (Oxford University)

‘I will have shown somebody the way’: Flaubert and the Making of James Joyce

14.00-16.00     Seminars


Tuesday 7 July

9.30-10.45       Dr Fritz Senn (Zurich James Joyce Foundation)

                        A Bloom For No Seasons

11.15-12.30     Dr Luke McKernan (British Library)

                        James Joyce and the Volta Programme

14.00-16.00     Seminars

Wednesday 8 July

9.30-10.45       Dr Erika Mihálycsa (Babes-Bolyai University)

                        ‘Something Galoptious’: Translators’ (Food)notes to ‘Lestrygonians’

11.15-12.30     Dr David Earle (University of West Florida)

                        James Joyce, Pulp Icon: Populist Joyce in the Age of Literary Reproduction

14.00-16.00     Seminars


Thursday 9 July

9.30-10.45       Dr Sarah Davison (University of Nottingham)

‘How’s that for high’: Exuberance in ‘Oxen of the Sun’

11.15-12.30     Dr Luca Crispi (University College Dublin)

                        Tales Told of Leopold and Molly Bloom

14.00-16.00     Seminars


Friday 10 July

9.30-10.45       Dr Laura Pelaschiar (University of Trieste)

On Bloom and Othello: Joyce’s Shakespearean Divergences

11.15-12.30     Professor Timothy Martin (Rutgers University)

                        Joyce and Intimacy

14.00-16.00     Seminars


Saturday 11 July

10.30-11.45     Dr Matthew Creasy (Glasgow University)

Erroneous Joyce


We are grateful to the Department of Arts, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht for financial support