Dublin James Joyce Summer School 2010

Dublin James Joyce Summer School 4-11 July 2010


Monday 5 July

9.30-10.45       Professor Anne Fogarty (University College Dublin)

‘He’s out in pampooties to get you’: Joyce, Synge, and the Literary Revival

11.15-12.30     Fr Bruce Bradley, SJ (Clongowes Wood College)

                        ‘Injected the wrong way’: Further Reflections on Joyce and the Jesuits

14.00-16.00     Seminars


Tuesday 6 July

9.30-10.45       Dr Rita Sakr (University of Sherbrooke)

                        ‘Broken Pillars’: Counter-Monumental Rebellions in Ulysses

11.15-12.30     Dr Fritz Senn (Zurich James Joyce Foundation)

                        Alphabetic Dispersion in Ulysses

14.00-16.00     Seminars


Wednesday 7 July

9.30-10.45       Dr Damien Keane (University of Buffalo)

                        ‘When Reader’s ears are Uncircumcised’: Joyce and Audio

11.15-12.30     Professor David Spurr (University of Geneva)

                        Stuttering Joyce

14.00-16.00     Seminars


Thursday 8 July

9.30-10.45       Amanda Sigler (University of Virginia)

Unveiling the Magazines: How Joyce was First Advertised and Consumed

11.15-12.30     Professor Vincent Cheng (University of Utah)

                        Amnesia: Forgetting and the Nation

14.00-16.00     Seminars


Friday 9 July

9.30-10.45       Dr John Coyle (University of Glasgow)

Three-Ply: Joyce on Paper

11.15-12.30     Professor Vicki Mahaffey (University of Illnois at Urbana-Champaign)

                        ‘Finn Again’: Huck Finn, Finn Mac Cool, and the Salmon

14.00-16.00     Seminars


Saturday 10 July

10.30-11.45     Professor Joseph Nugent (Boston College)

iJoyce: Technology, the Street, and the Classroom


We are grateful to the Department of Arts, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht for financial support