Works Cited Requirements

Requirements for the “Works Cited” Section of Assessments

1. Unless otherwise explicitly stated in individual assessment guidelines, all formal assessments must include a separate “Works Cited” section at the end of the assignment (essay, etc.) concerned.

2. The “Works Cited” section should include all works referred to in the essay. This includes direct quotations and/or paraphrasing from primary or secondary sources.

3. When completing their “Works Cited” section, students must follow the current MLA Style Sheet (MLA Handbook, 7th ed). A brief introduction to MLA style is available on the School website, and on Blackboard sites for individual modules.

4. A penalty of two grade points will be applied where a student has not included a separate “Works Cited” section at the end of their assignment.

5. A penalty of one grade point will apply to the assignment result where a student has inadequately completed their “Works Cited” section.

6. An inadequate “Works Cited” section is one where:

  • Not all works referred to in the body of the assignment are included – primary as well as secondary material, or
  • The entries are not laid out in alphabetical order based on the author’s surname or (where the author’s name is unavailable), the opening words of the title , or
  • One or more of the following six key categories of information is missing in the entries, unless that category of information is not available to other students and researchers in UCD:
  1. - author’s surname and first name, where available;
  2. - title of the work;
  3. - place of publication / performance;
  4. - publisher / performance group / film company / website;
  5. - date of publication / performance / production / access to website;
  6. - medium of the work concerned (print; live performance, film, internet site; digital file, etc.).

7. From September 2013 onwards, the Works Cited Penalty will also apply to cases of incorrect or inadequate in-text citation. In other words, it is possible that a student can have cited works correctly in the “Works Cited” section of their assessment but will nonetheless receive a penalty of one grade point because in-text citations are incorrect.

8. Incorrect in-text citation refers to citation in the main body of the essay that does not substantially conform to MLA guidelines. Please refer to the section of the “Introduction to the MLA Style Sheet” entitled “Citing Sources in your Essay” for examples regarding correct in-text citation.

9. The “Works Cited” section and in-text citation are integral to the standard of the assignment concerned, and so any “Works Cited” penalty is imposed immediately after marking that piece of work, and is included in the result entered on the front cover sheet of that assignment. (Note: There is a separate penalty for Late Submission of assignments.)

Where to go from here: read the document “MLA Style Sheet: A Brief Introduction – UCD School of English, Drama and Film” and use your copy of the MLA Handbook (7th ed.).