Research Programme

The core research strengths of the contemporary humanities are critical thinking, depth of historical understanding and interpretative rigour. At UCD, researchers apply these skills to understand the dynamics of cultural, political and social change across a broad range of languages, art forms, technologies and historical periods. Our research organised under the central theme of Culture, Society and Change explores the relationships between peoples, places and identities, combining cultural and historical perspectives with an understanding of human interaction with landscape and environment. UCD Humanities Institute seeks to explore the emerging synergy between traditional humanities interpretative skills and qualitative techniques with the quantitative potential inherent in the new digital archives at our disposal which can open up very long term historical perspectives and multiplicities of cultures, languages and communities for analysis. We are also committed to placing the humanities at the forefront of interdisciplinary research which addresses major societal challenges relating to ecology, globalistion, cultural heritage, gender and sexuality, memoty, language and communication, new media, well-being, privacy, and security.

Under our central theme of Culture, Society and Change, our research priorities for 2015-2018 are: 

In addition to these research priorities, the institute hosts postgraduate, postdoctoral and visiting scholars working on humanities research, and we host the following initiatives on a continuous basis: