Transnationalising the Humanities

The UCD Humanities Institute in partnership with the College of Arts & Humanities

We live in an entangled world in which the local, regional, national and global are interconnected through intricate networks and loops of exchange. The analysis of the multidirectional movement of people, languages, ideas, knowledges, and things requires innovative methodological perspectives that are capable of capturing all kinds of spatial and temporal practices. Transnationalism is often associated with an emancipatory politics of resistance as manifest in hybrid or creolized communities which often engender forms of agency that “deterritorialize the nation state”. On the other hand, the history of transnational exchange and contact also includes the history of empires, warfare, colonisation, slavery, the global exploitation of natural resources, and climate change. In the light of this intrinsic tension, the research strand on Transnationalising the Humanities explores methodological issues alongside specific case studies of transnational and transcultural practices, both from historical and contemporary perspectives.

The transnational research strand fosters interdisciplinary research in Memory Studies, Translation Studies, Literary Studies, Architectural History, Migration Studies (including language practices and intercultural encounters), War Studies, the Medical Humanities and the Environmental Humanities, which are important research clusters in the College. In 2018 a new Asia-Pacific Research Network was set up to further develop our transnational/transcultural research agenda and reach.
The transnational research strand is led by the UCD Humanities Institute in partnership with the College of Arts & Humanities. Within UCD the Humanities Institute acts as principal hub for interdisciplinary enquiry and discussion in the humanities and between the humanities and other areas of social and scientific research. The UCD Humanities Institute not only catalyzes and sponsors interdisciplinary research locally, but it engages in international partnerships with cognate institutes such as the Institute of Modern Languages Research at the School of Advanced Study, University of London.

Project Leader:

Professor Anne Fuchs
Director, UCD Humanities Institute
+353 1 716 4684

Research Outputs

Transnational and Translingual Urban Writing
Workshop Organised Jointly by the University of London’s School of Advanced Study (SAS) and the UCD Humanities Institute
25 June 2018, University of London

The programme can be downloaded here.

Exploring the Transnational Neighbourhood: Integration, Community, and Co-Habitation
An international and interdisciplinary conference of the UCD Humanities Institute, in collaboration with the Institute of Modern Languages Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London.
25-27 September 2019, UCD Humanities Institute

The Call for Papers can be downloaded from here.