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Statutory Compliance

Every School and Unit within the university is to some degree subject to the provisions of legislation. Within the university there are resources available to assist Schools and Units in achieving statutory compliance. For example the Procurement and Contracts Office can assist in ensuring that tendering is carried out in accordance with Irish and EU regulations; Human Resources can assist in ensuring that employment law is adhered to; UCD Finance can ensure that university activities are carried out in accordance with various financial regulations; the Freedom Of Information Office can assist in dealing with requests under the relevant FOI legislation.

The SIRC Office is available to assist Schools and Units in both identifying their statutory obligations and working towards same in those areas that are not managed by other dedicated university units. Where necessary this is done in conjunction with the UCD Legal Office.

Currently the SIRC Office advises Schools and Units on statutory compliance with respect to:
•    Health and safety legislation
•    Building usage and occupancy and the effect of fire safety legislation on same
•    Hazardous waste management and disposal
•    The use of Genetically Modified Organisms
•    The importation of biological materials
•    The use of alcohol in research
•    The use of controlled substances for research
•    The use of animals in research
•    Statutory insurance issues, e.g. clinical trials insurance
•    Corporate governance

Enquires about statutory compliance with respect to any of the above or in other areas not listed can be made to