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ERPW Themes

The main themes for ERPW 2023 are:

  1. Radiation protection principles: subjects, objectives, quantities, and units
  2. Ionising radiation detection and new/improved measurement techniques
  3. Radioactivity and related exposure/effects control and monitoring
  4. Radiation protection and dosimetry in the medical context
  5. Low-dose research
  6. Occupational radiation exposure
  7. Radiation protection in non-nuclear industries 
  8. Radioecology and the environment
  9. Emergency preparedness, response, and recovery
  10. Education, training, and citizen science
  11. Computation and modelling for radiation protection and dosimetry (inc. AI/ML/3D printing applications)
  12. Non-ionising radiation
  13. Other (for abstracts which may not align with any of the above)