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BSc Sustainable Food Systems

The School of Agriculture and Food Science in University College Dublin (UCD) has announced a new degree programme in Sustainable Food Systems.

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Sustainable Food Systems is a 4-year level 8 programme which will be available to students from September 2024.

This programme will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the entire food chain, from on-farm production to human consumption and the scientific principles and policies underpinning it. It will explore the complex challenge of sustainably producing food to meet the nutritional requirements of a growing world population while protecting the planet’s limited natural resources.

Skills to analyse and evaluate sustainable food systems will be developed through engagement with lectures, guest lectures, peers, and an industry based internship, enabling graduates to apply the knowledge and skills acquired to practical real-world industry setting.  

The new programme will run alongside the 13 other programmes in Agriculture, Food Science and Human Nutrition in the School of Agriculture and Food Science which is uniquely placed to deliver this programme. UCD is the only university in Ireland with a dedicated School of Agriculture and Food Science. The school’s teaching and research programmes span the entire food chain, from on-farm food production to human nutrition and health.

Dr Zoe McKay, programme director, said “I am delighted that we are in a position to launch this novel and exciting new programme. Experts within the School of Agriculture and Food Science along with guidance from industry stakeholders have designed the curriculum to develop students’ understanding of how to produce safe, nutritious, and high-value food while also protecting and enhancing our natural resources and contributing to the rural and national economy”.

“Graduates will acquire the skills needed to navigate the sector’s sustainability (environmental, economic and social) challenges and opportunities and for Ireland to become a global leader of innovation for sustainable food and agriculture systems.”

Professor Frank Monahan Dean of Agriculture and Head of the School of Agriculture and Food Science added “We believe that this is a timely and highly relevant new programme to add to our suite of programmes at UCD. Given the significant role that Irish Agriculture and Food will play in the sustainable provision of secure and nutritious food for a growing global population, it is critical that we offer future graduates an opportunity to become leaders in the area of sustainable food systems”

Whether interested in farming, food processing, human nutrition, or food policy, this programme will provide students with the tools they need to make a real difference to the future of how we produce, distribute, and consume food in a sustainable way.

The course is now available through Central Applications Office (CAO) under the code DN261. Late applications are open until May 1. The CAO change of mind deadline is July 1 2024.

For further information please visit: https://www.myucd.ie/courses/agriculture-food-nutrition/sustainable-food-systems/

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