Applying For A Rescheduled Exam

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Students who miss an exam component as part of their language elective may, in certain cases, be entitled to a rescheduled exam. This may be as a result of a verifiable timetable clash whereby a student has a lecture, seminar or exam at the same time as their language elective exam or circumstances outside of their control. 

Students seeking to apply for a rescheduled exam must do so within a week of their original exam date. Exceptions to this rule will be made in cases where a student is absent from UCD on medical grounds.

Students may apply online for a rescheduled exam here

Supporting documentation will usually be necessary to apply for a rescheduled exam. Medical certificates in the case of illness, timetable screenshots in the case of a time conflict and other relevant documentation can be sent to us via or else a hard copy(ies) can be dropped into our office, located upstairs in the Daedalus Building. Please include your name, student number and the day and time of your class with any documents you are submitting. 

Completion of a reschedule request, including submission of supporting documents does not guarantee that a reschedule will be granted. We will examine each request on a case-by-case basis. Please note that rescheduled exams may be subject to a grade penalty relative to the original exam. Students will be contacted by e-mail to confirm if a reschedule is granted. They will be provided with the date, time and location of their exam. Students must make themselves available for the time they are allocated. Students will be given at least 48 hours notice of their new exam date.

UCD policy on what constitutes extenuating circumstances can be found here