Spring Trimester 2020/21 Assessment

  • The Mid-Term exams will take place online in week 6 (week of 22 February 21). Some exams are administered centrally online outside of regular class time, however, most exams will take place during normal class time. Your teacher will confirm the exact date and time. 
  • The Aural and Oral exams will will take place online in week 11 or 12. Your teacher will confirm the exact date and time. 
  • The Written exams will take place online in week 12. Some exams are administered centrally online outside of regular class time, while some exams will take place during normal class time. Click here for the Spring Trimester 2020/21 Written Exam Timetable. If your exam is not on the list linked above, it will take place during class time in week 12.

In advance of your online exams, please see the following tips on submitting the exam paper via the 'Assignments' tool in Brightspace here. 

Module Structure & Assessment

All ALC language courses focus on the development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Typically students have two hour classes with their teacher per week. This can be either two 1-hour classes or one 2-hour class each week. Most courses take place in the afternoon or early evening. Classes are small (14–18 students). Teachers are all native or near-native speakers and classes are conducted in the target language. Courses also offer opportunities to develop transferable skills and intercultural communicative competence.

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Independent Study

In addition to the two hours class contact, it is expected that each student will devote a minimum of two additional hours per week to the module. Directions for the learning activities to be done outside class will be given by the class teachers. They will also be available on the virtual learning environment, Brightspace, which will be the basis for much of your independent study.  

Attendance & Participation

For the successful completion of your course, attendance and participation in class are essential. A component of your overall grade is based on attendance and participation (see table below). If you cannot attend a class, please e-mail languages@ucd.ie.

Module Assessment

The table below provides an overview of the assessment structure:

Component Weighting Details
Attendance 0.05 Based on attendance record
Participation 0.05 Based on in-class participation
Mid-Term 0.10 Short writing and listening test
Aural 0.15 20-30 min listening comprehension
Oral 0.25 10-15 min interview / presentation
Written 0.40 1hr Reading / Writing Paper
Total 1.00  
 The ALC uses the Alternative Linear Conversion Grade Scale for all of our modules.  
You can find full information about the various grading scales in use in UCD here under 'Mark to Grade Conversion Scales' 

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