Research Vacancies


Research Programmes

There are a wide variety of opportunities to gain a Masters or PhD qualification by research. Enquiries should be made to individual supervisors, in your area of interest, about the research projects currently available.

When you come across a project in which you are interested please contact the supervisor and discuss with him/her what the project entails, your background, funding etc. 

If you both decide to pursue the application please send along your CV and transcripts of your studies to the school office.

Call for Expressions of Interest in Funded PhD Opportunities

Postgraduate Funding

While some research projects are fully funded, others involve access to materials and/or scholarship support which have not yet been finalised. It is hoped that funding for further projects will be obtained through the UCD Ad Astra Scholarships and Research Demonstratorships, and also through the IRCSET Postgraduate Research Scholarship Scheme (Embark Initiative).
APEP Call for PhDs PDF| 1. PhD on Urban Decarbonisation including transportation, sustainable electricity generation and smart networking of municipal buildings PDF|0.2 MB 2. PhD on collaborative citizen engagement and behaviour change in the transition to Green Building Neighbourhoods (GBN) PDF|0.2 MB 3. PhD on values, benefits and impacts associated with Green Buildings and Neighbourhoods (GBNs) PDF|0.2 MB 4. PhD on planning, design and implementation of residential building retrofit, involving energy and indoor environment monitoring PDF|0.2 MB 5. PhD on commercial building decarbonisation, focused on achieving energy positive buildings in practice, and involving digital twin modelling PDF|0.2 MB 6. PhD on building retrofit efficacy evaluation involving pre- and post- retrofit monitoring and lifecycle carbon analysis PDF|0.1 MB PhD on historical and traditional facade testing and material analysis PDF|1.6 mb