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Heat Pumps

In an effort to decarbonise our residential sector Ireland, like many countries, is switching from fossil fuel powered heating to electric power. The installation of 600,000 heat pumps by 2030 is planned. But how do they perform? ... not as well as is often proposed.

This research group has been monitoring the performance of air-to-water heat pumps as part of the nZEB101 project. Read our paper from the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (opens in a new window)here. The SEAI have funded a follow on project the - MacAirH: Monitoring and Control of Air sourced Heat pumps project - with collaborators at Paul O’Sullivan and Adam O’Donovan at MTU and with 3CEA Energy Agency.

This group has worked on novel solutions for water heating might include facade integrated solar thermal systems. (opens in a new window)Concrete solar collectorscould work on facades or roof tops.

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