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Welcome to UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science, the largest School of its type in Ireland

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About the School

Welcome to UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science, the largest School of its type in Ireland.

Located at the heart of the Belfield campus in the UCD O'Brien Centre for Science, the School of Biology and Environmental Science (SBES) is the largest teaching and research centre for biology in the Republic of Ireland. One unique feature of the School is the inter-disciplinary nature of its activities, providing students and scientists alike with critical knowledge and perspective about modern biology.

At undergraduate level we teach into the UCD Science programme, delivering BSc degrees in Cell and Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Zoology and Environmental Biology. We also co-teach the BSc degree in Genetics. At postgraduate level we offer MSc degrees in Plant Biology & Biotechnology, Global Change: Ecosystem Science & Policy and Applied Environmental Science. The School offers an online MSc in Environmental Sustainability. The School also co-teaches the MSc in Biological & Biomolecular Science Programme.

This broad portfolio of teaching is strongly informed by our research. The School is actively engaged in four key areas of interlinked thematic research; ecosystems, global change & sustainability; evolution & population biology; plant sciences; and cellular systems. The breadth of expertise that we have also facilitates our involvement in large scale research activities in UCD, and our staff actively contribute to the UCD Conway Institute for Biomolecular & Biomedical Research and the UCD Earth Institute. At national level the School provides expertise that informs environmental and sustainable management policies, supporting agricultural and food industries.

Please spend time exploring our website to get more information on our teaching programmes and research activities in our School.

Do feel free to contact us if you would like any more information.

Prof Evelyn Doyle
Head of School 
UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science