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GraSS: Graduate Support Scheme

GraSS: Graduate Support Scheme

School of Biology and Environmental Science

Grants may be made available by the School of Biology and Environmental Science to support the educational and research endeavours of Postgraduate research students and Research funded staff within the School of Biology and Environmental Science. Such funds may be applied to (but are not restricted to):

  • Participation at professional international academic conferences (online, in Ireland and / or overseas) at which the student/research funded staff member is presenting a paper (as sole or first co-author).
  • The event for which funding is being awarded must take place within six months before and six months after the submission deadline for the grant. Exceptions to this are only granted under very exceptional circumstances.

The fund cannot support basic research functions necessary to the research project itself such as field research, data gathering, data analysis etc. Applications to purchase personal computers, laptops or books also cannot be accepted.

The following conditions apply to applications for the above:

  • All applicants must be either a fully registered graduate research students whose primary supervisor is a faculty member of a School within the School of Biology and Environmental Science at the time of claim or a Research funded member of staff whose contract extends to the end date of the claim.
  • Where applicable, all applicants must be in satisfactory fee status at the time of claim.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Notification of awards will be made publicly on the School of Biology and Environmental Science web site no later than ten working days after the deadline.
  • Claims must be submitted within one month from the date of the event for which the award has been made, or within one month of the award, whichever is later, otherwise this award will be disallowed.  Claims should be submitted to Gillian Moran ((opens in a new window)gillian.moran@ucd.ie).
  • Claimants must submit their own claims.  Claims should not be put through by a third party.
  • Claim form as attached to letter confirming award must be completed.  Mileage and per diem are not permitted by UCD.
  • Please fill in as much detail as possible so that the SBES Research and Innovation committee is able to assess the application to its best potential.
  • One application form per event is required – you can make more than one application.
  • Applicants who already have a travel allowance must provide details.
  • Please provide extra details if the application is to attend a workshop.
  • Funding is only awarded as specified in letter to awardee and not transferable.
  • Applicants must look for the best value for flights and accommodation and provide details.

At least two calls for applications under the School of Biology and Environmental Science Graduate Support Scheme are made each year (usually October and March).  A template for such applications is provided and completed applications must be supported by their PI. Each application will be judged under specific criteria by the Research and Innovation committee and all decisions are final. 

In respect of applications for various categories of travel grant – and for indicative purposes only – the maximum likely award for Ireland-based events will be €250; for comparable events elsewhere in Europe, €400-500; and for exceptional overseas events, €750.  All expenses (travel, subsistence, registration fees) must be specified in advance, itemised and evidenced by way of receipts on return. No funding will be made for non-receipted expenses and advances will only be paid in exceptional circumstances.  Mileage and per diem is not allowed.  Students must submit original receipts and boarding pass stubs (if available) for reimbursement.

The selection criteria will be assessed on the basis of four criteria;

  • Quality of the proposal
  • Value for money
  • Impact to the applicant
  • Impact to the School

All claims for which the grant is sought must be submitted within one month to the School of Biology and Environmental Science after the event takes place, or within one month of the award, whichever is later, otherwise they will be disallowed.  The submission date is given on the awardee’s letter.

Applicants must confirm that they have read and accept the terms and conditions of the Graduate Support Scheme.

The support of the School of Biology and Environmental Science should be acknowledged in all publications, conference presentations and other outputs.

Applications should be made using the online application form ((opens in a new window)https://forms.gle/XUmdNizCXAkgixKb9) before 5 pm Monday 18th March 2024.

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