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       EALTA 2019 Conference Theme:

Transitions in language assessment 

Second language assessment is a dynamic field that has undergone a number of changes and transitions resulting from a range of factors. These include the emergence of different models of language competence, developments in the design, construction and delivery of tests, and approaches to the measurement of language proficiency. Research insights into the quality and use of language assessments, advances in technology-based language assessment, and the influence of a variety of societal and political factors have also played an important role. Recent changes include an increased need for language assessment for migration, employment or academic purposes.
Changes in the assessment landscape require flexibility and preparation for change on the part of test takers, educators and test developers. They are associated with a number of benefits - improved authenticity, closer targeting of relevant skills, faster and more efficient online testing. They may also raise issues, such as a lack of transparency in technological approaches and a need to develop teachers' and students' language assessment literacy.
The comparison of different assessment approaches results in a recognition of the value of specific aspects of assessment. This helps in the development of language assessment that cater to international and local test takers.
This conference theme allows for expositions on a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to, the following sub themes:
•Assessment literacy following changes in assessment approaches
•Assessment for transition points in education
•Transitions to technology-based language assessment
•The use of corpora and corpus linguistics methods for language testing and assessment 
•Trends and challenges in developing context-specific language assessments
•Trends and challenges in classroom-based language assessment
•Developments in the assessment of lesser-taught languages 
•Developments towards increased authenticity in language assessment
•Transition from assessing standard varieties to lingua franca usage
We invite proposals for symposia, papers, work-in-progress presentations, and posters in research and practitioner areas related to one or more of the suggested themes.
PLEASE NOTE: We encourage views from multiple perspectives and cross-disciplinary papers which may combine language testing and assessment with insights from other fields relevant to this theme. While the conference will be held in English, the working language of EALTA, we encourage contributions which are focused on languages other than English. 
In order to widen participation, and to allow EALTA members a forum for sharing the latest information on research and projects of significant importance to the field, a separate strand of parallel sessions will be allocated for contributions on language testing and assessment research not related directly to the theme. Due to space limitations, the number of contributions accepted will be limited, so proposals should clearly indicate why they are of significance to the field.
We hope you will be able to attend this conference and look forward to welcoming you to Dublin.

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