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UCD Newman Society

Newman UCD encourages and supports Catholic belief on campus, promoting fellowship & faith formation. The society holds a variety of events throughout the year including talks, Youth 2000 meetings, retreats, interfaith gatherings, movie screenings, social evenings, & excursions. Plenty of craic will be mixed in too!

We are a vibrant Catholic community on campus, which is also welcoming towards those of all faiths and none. At our events you can always expect to be greeted in a warm, friendly & inclusive atmosphere.

"If we follow the voice of God, we shall be brought step by step into a new world, of which before we had no idea." In the face of the many trials that student life can bring, we seek to live the quoted words of Blessed Newman, founder of UCD, in a spirit of trust & joy, as we make together our pilgrimage of faith.

For more information please contact us at: newman.society@ucd.ie

UCD Livingstones

Livingstones is a vibrant and dynamic group of Bible believing students based at the Belfield Campus of UCD. The Livingstones Society has been in existence since the mid 1980’s and has seen thousands of Individuals over the years, just like you, forming part of what God’s been doing at UCD. We invite and actively encourage students of all backgrounds to join us in seeking our Lord on this Campus!

You can find their gatherings at St. Stephen's Chaplaincy on Thursday nights from 6:30pm - 9:30pm.

For more information, email livingstones.society@ucd.ie

UCD Christian Union

The Christian Union is a group of students who are united in our desire to know Jesus Christ more. We want Christian students to grow deeper in faith, love andknowledge of Jesus, and for non-Christians to come into contact with the gospel and be given the opportunity to hear and respond to it. The gospel forms the core convictions of the CU as we aim to equip students to live a life devoted to Christ on campus and beyond.

We meet every Tuesday evening at 6.30 (with prayer from 6) for our main meeting where we join together in worship and learn from God’s word about relevant issues. It’s a relaxed environment which provides opportunities for discussion and asking questions, as well as plenty of time for fellowship and a cup of tea if you’re lucky!
Throughout the week we run a range of different activities including iCafe, sports, small groups and other outreach events. Check out our Facebook page to find out more and keep up to date with everything that’s going on. All are very welcome!

For more info, email christian.union@ucd.ie

UCD Islamic Society

The Islamic Society in UCD was established in 1991, with the aim to serve and represent the growing Muslim student population on campus. It provides a platform for students to develop themselves and work towards bringing a positive change to our society. The Islamic society is dedicated to helping Muslims and Non-Muslims on campus develop academically, spiritually and socially. It is also aims to help clear any misconceptions about Islam by engaging in dialogue with Non-Muslim students on campus and developing unity and collaborating with other societies. The ISOC is a very diverse and dynamic society with a wide range of activities and events conducted throughout the year catering to all types of people. These range from charity events to exhibitions, talks, sports, classes, debates, outings and much more! There is literally something for everyone! We welcome anyone to join us!

For more info, email their Society Secretary.

UCD Baha'i Society

The UCD Baha'i society is a community in UCD focused on the promotion of the Baha'i principles of the oneness of God, the unity of mankind, the unity of religion, the equality of men and women, the harmony of science and religion and the independent investigation of truth. While doing this we also seek to foster friendship and fellowship on campus.

The Baha'i faith itself is a world religion which was established in the 19th century in what is now modern day Iran. It was founded by Baha'u'llah who Baha'is believe to be the Messenger of God for the age and Who brought the Baha'i Writings and Principles some of which are mentioned above.

You can find out more on their Facebook page.


We don't know where you're at or where you're coming from. Maybe you've been Catholic your whole life, or maybe not. Perhaps you're eager to get connected, or maybe you're just curious. The truth is, we're open to anyone who wants to ask for prayer or chat about life. Come as you are, with your unique story, and we'll do the same thing.

The best way to get to know FOCUS is to connect with one of our missionaries on campus. Don't hesitate to send one of us a text or an email.

For more information, email Sean Flack here.


UCO exists to spread the gospel, build community and offer students a path to become lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ. They meet at 7:30pm on Tuesday nights at St. Stephen's Chaplaincy. 

For more information, email Caleb LaPorte here.