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Biopharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Engineering

Biopharmaceutical & Pharmaceutical Engineering is one the key pillars of research in the School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering. Ireland is a global leader in the Biopharmaceutical Industry with all of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies operating in Ireland. With many of our graduates working in this sector, the School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering has strong ties with the industry. This is also reflected in continuing world leading research carried out by the school.

Our faculty experts in this area are: (opens in a new window)Brian Glennon, (opens in a new window)Niall Barron, (opens in a new window)Susan McDonnell, (opens in a new window)Steven Ferguson, (opens in a new window)Ioscani Jimenez del Val, (opens in a new window)Jessica Whelan, (opens in a new window)Roderick Jones, (opens in a new window)Colin Clarke(opens in a new window)Jonathan Bones & (opens in a new window)Philip Donnellan.

School Research Groups

  • Crystallization Research Group
  • Animal Cell Technology Group
  • Biomanufacturing Innovation & Technology Research Group

Associated Research Centres and Institutes 

Research conducted within this area is done in conjunction with a number of national and international Research Centres and Institutes which magnifies the impact of the work.