Registering for Graduate Degrees
Research degrees involve students carrying out their own research and academic study under the one-to-one supervision of an academic supervisor. The precise focus of research is agreed between the supervisor and the student. Research can be carried out at Masters or Doctoral level. Candidates register to University College Dublin. If your supervisor is a Fellow of UCD Conway Institute, you are then affiliated to UCD Conway Institute by association. UCD Conway Institute does not award graduate degrees.

Structured PhD Programmes
UCD offers structured PhD programmes which enable PhD students to achieve the best possible experience of graduate research and training. While making a substantial and original contribution to knowledge remains the core objective of doctoral studies, students are also encouraged to undertake transferable skills, innovation and subject-specific modules to enhance their experience and skills. Further information available on:

UCD Graduate Studies 

UCD Career Development Centre 
Career & Skills Consultant for Graduate Research Students

Education & Training at UCD Conway Institute
At UCD Conway, we are committed to helping future generations of research scientists fulfil their scientific career potential. We provide a supportive research environment, teaching professional and transversal skills in a framework tailored to your research requirements. These core skills will guarantee success in future laboratory-based research, further training or employment.

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Conway Lecture And Seminar Series (CLASS) takes place every Tuesday at 12 noon in the UCD Conway lecture theatre, unless otherwise stated. National and international experts as well as Conway scientists are invited to present their latest research on areas of relevance to the research programme of the Institute. Early stage PhD graduates can register for CNWY40010 CLASS module (ECTS2.5) to earn credits while attending seminars. 

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Academic modules broaden and deepen your knowledge of your discipline, informing the development of the theoretical framework for your doctoral research. Research skills modules provide advanced training in methodological issues. Transferable skills modules provide training in the skills necessary for your professional development, enabling you to complete your doctoral research on time and enhance your professional attractiveness for potential employers.

A module is a unit of learning, teaching and assessment. Each module has an assigned credit value depending on the workload involved for the student. One credit corresponds to 20 to 25 hours of total student effort. By successfully completing a module, you can accumulate credit towards your PhD.

At UCD Conway Institute, we deliver accredited modules on specialist technology platforms such as proteomics, imaging and flow cytometry for laboratory-based life science researchers.

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